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!DS&Updates: Secret Shop, Dream of Lolita

Feedback in here.

For all updates, please look on the home page.

Secret Shop

New Secret Shop Shoes stock has come in.
(The estimated release time of Secret Shop boots model 9800 will be announced either this weekend or next week. Those that are in the pre-order, you will receive an email once it's announced. Secret Shop will not release any boots this year now.)

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9682 in black, pink and white

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9830 in White&Pink. Other colours are still available.

Secret Shop Socks

New Secret Shop Socks are now available in stock. And all the out of stock socks have been restocked.
Shipping is $3.5 for 1 pair, $5.5 for 2 pairs, $7 for 3 pairs, $10 for 5 pairs, $15 for 10 pairs...

Dream of Lolita

Dream of Lolita High Waisted Chandelier Skirt

Dream of Lolita Sweet Poodle Applique JSK

Dream of Lolita Melty Chocolate OP

Dream of Lolita Strawberry Bag

Any questions, please feel free to ask using the Contact Form(Please double check your email address before you send a message). To make an order, please download/fill out the Order Form and email it as attachment to info[at]clobbaonline[dot]com.
If you have a deadline for your order, please do not forget to mention it in both email and the Order Form! Thanks.
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