gingerysoul (gingerysoul) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: AP Fruits Parlor Headbow + Pin

- Location: WA, USA
- Both National and International sellers will be considered
- PayPal only


I'm looking to buy the pink x pink version of the Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor headbow and jsk pin.  If someone has the set they are willing to sell, I would like to consider that as well.  I am not interested in replicas or other color coords at this moment.

As far as price goes, I'm open to anything reasonable, but for the set I would like the max to be around or below $300.

Proof pics will be greatly appreciated. =]

AP Fruits Parlor pink x pink Headbow

AP Fruits Parlor pink x pink JSK with Pin

Thank you for looking. =]

Tags: angelic pretty
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