princessery (princessery) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

ATTN: diaphinisedbat

I commissioned a coat from this user Oct. 19th, and we both signed an agreement saying the coat would be done by Oct. 26th. It wasn't due to personal reasons, which is fine, but communication has sort of dropped off.

Oct 27th - Sent an e-mail about the past due date
Nov 1 - Sent another e-mail since I hadn't heard back
Nov 3 - Seller responded saying finished photos would be sent the next day, and the coat would be shipped after the photos were approved
Nov 3 - responded saying that was fine, did not hear back
Nov 7 - Sent an e-mail about how I hadn't heard back from seller
Nov 9 - Sent another e-mail, haven't heard back

I know it's not super late, but it has been a week since it was supposed to be sent and I haven't heard from the seller. I'm just wondering if anyone is in contact with this seller who might know what is going on and a better way to contact the seller. I would really like to get this coat as soon as possible. It's getting cold!
Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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