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DS: All sold!

I am selling from Hawaii, USA.
My feedback is here on EGL. ( +23, -0 )
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Paypal only; I will charge fees or you can send payment as 'gift'.

Hey all~ :3

Today I have a pair of Vivienne Westwood x Melissa "Dragon Lady" style shoes to sell. I don't think they are authentic since they have no scent, and I don't think a red x black color way was made. However, they look just like the originals, down to the logo in the soles. I have the "Vivienne Westwood x Melissa" box as well.

Unfortunately they are too small for me. They are marked size EU 39, or about 24.5 cm - 25 cm, or about a US 8-8.5. The back heel straps are adjustable.

They are like new.

Asking $45 + shipping, preferably in the US only since the box may be pricey / a hassle if shipped internationally. I wager US shipping would be about $8-12, I'll check if you provide your zipcode.

I also have this guy, a "Skully" phone strap from PEACE NOW.

Very cute embroidered little guy, with charms. I just don't really use him anymore. He's in great condition.

$10 shipped in the US

I'm also looking for offers on:

AATP Rose Campbell Veil Headdress (shiro)

It's so pretty, but I don't really use it or having anything it goes with.

Thanks for looking, hit me up if you have any questions~!

I'm heading out for a class soon but will reply asap.
Tags: !ds, black peace now, offbrand, vivienne westwood
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