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Leaving Lolita Sale. ~Castle of Nightmare JSK~ and plus size friendly items.


Leaving Lolita Sale ;A;

Hi everyone.

After a while of not wearing Lolita, I have decided to leave it once and for all. So I am selling my Lolita dresses and skirts. I don't have much, but I have a few cute pieces and I am also selling my Castle of Nightmare JSK in the black colourway. As much as it pains me to sell it, I don't wear it enough to justify owning it.
I am sure someone else will love it and wear it much more than me.


Here is a link to my feedback page: .

I had feedback on the old system (loligothsdbs) but I can't find a cached version of my page. So effectively, I have lost all my feedback ;A;
However, I am a buyer and seller on eBay, and have 100% feedback on there.
Here is a link to that page:

All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars)

Postage costs:
Domestic (within Australia): $10
International: Leave a comment (I need to weigh the items)
I can post items every day of the week.

I will consider payment plans, but only really on the castle of nightmare.
If the buyer is in Brisbane, I can do pick-ups. :)

Alrighty, on to the items.

Oh and sorry about not having pictures embedded in the post. 
I have been away from LJ for a while and can't remember how to do that.
Rich text editing is giving me a headache.


Castle of Nightmare JSK in Black.   SALE PENDING
$300 AUD

As much as it pains me to let this dress go, I just haven't worn it enough to justify owning it. It is a truly beautiful dress, and the black colour really makes the print standout.

It has been worn a couple of times, but is in impeccable condition.
It has gold buttons on the waist of the dress, shirring on the back with corset lacing over the top. 

Rose lace accents the neckline and the hem of the dress.

Standard AaTP sizing.
It fits me at a 38" bust (snugly) and a 31" waist.


Metamorphose Velveteen Skirt.
$65 AUD


    Up for sale is a beautiful black velveteen skirt by Metamorphose.
I have never worn this skirt, and it is in perfect condition.
It has a full, cupcake shape to it and has two removable bows on the front.
It has a fully elasticised waist.

Fits a 30" to 40" waist.
(postage will cost $5 extra both domestic and international as this skirt is HEAVY )


Metamorphose Lucky Pack Dress.   SOLD
$75 AUD

This dress is so cute, but I never wore it for some reason. I have only tried it on. 
It is in impeccable condition, still jet black.

It has gorgeous cross lace detailing on the bust, along with some little black bows.
It has white scallop lace detail around the hem of the skirt and the sleeves.

it has shirring on the back, and has corset lacing over the top so you can tighten the back up as well. For this reason, the dress can fit a whole range of sizes.
It fits me at a 38" bust and a 31" waist.


Fan+Friend Replica Dress
(I'm not sure what it is a replica of >__< ) .
$40 AUD

This dress is a really simple dress, that is really easy to wear. 
I only wore it once, but for some reason, my deoderant has left marks on the underarms. ;A;
I have no idea how to get it out ( I haven't tried) so I am pricing this dress accordingly.
It is not noticeable when worn, but when inspecting the dress, it can be seen.
The elastic on the sleeves makes them sit right up against your armpit so I think that's how it happened. 


Anna House Black Blouse    SOLD
$20 AUD

This Blouse has been worn once, under a JSK.
It is in perfect condition, still jet black.

Anna House size: XL
Bust: 38" - 40"
Waist: 32" - 34"


Heavy Red EGA Blouse
$45 AUD

Up for sale is a gorgeous Heavy Red, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat Blouse.
It has been worn quite a few times, but is still in impeccable condition. It has only ever been hand washed, and is still jet black. No piling, pulling or fading whatsoever.

It features a sewn in pointed collar and exaggerated cuffs. It is beautifully fitted and looks great with long skirts, and under JSKs.

Heavy Red size: L
Which fits a 36" bust and a 32" waist.
It does have stretch so those measurements can be stretched a little. :)


Ed Hardy embroidered Tattoo Socks.

These socks are so cool. But they don't fit my legs ;A;
(my calves are on the larger side)

They have only been worn around the house briefly.


Gothic Lace Choker (no. 1)   SOLD
$10 AUD

This choker is so beautiful, but I just never wear it.
Made from soft lace, and has a black cabochon in the centre and black sequins scattered around. 


Gothic Choker (No.2)
$8 AUD

Another black lace choker that I never wore ;A;
This one has stretchy black lace around the top with black chain draping and a black jewel hanging from the centre.


Lolita Pearl Bracelet
$8 AUD 

This bracelet is so cute. But I haven't worn it enough to justify keeping it.
A small rhinestone is missing from the crown on the far right. It is not noticeable when worn. But has been priced accordingly. 


Black Jewel Bracelet   SOLD
$8 AUD

This bracelet is so cool. But again, I don't wear it. >______<


Cameo Necklace

Another piece of jewellery I never wear. lol. 
This is really cute though. It has a really cool cameo surrounded by jewels, and accented with a black bow. So cute!


Well. That's all folks.

I can take more pictures on request. ^_____^

Feel free to ask any questions. 

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