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URGENT DS! Angelic pretty, offbrand, acessories AND A WIG!
Alrighty! I seriously need all these things gone, Im Prettttty desperate. Reasonable offers may be accepted Im on a payment plan for this dress, and I was just informed im going to need it before the 12th of December . Im open to offers, I just need these things gone ASAP!

First off an Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon Skirt. Its really really cute. Typcial Angelic Pretty. Tons of pastel colors, gingham, hearts, lace in the shape of strawberries, and three bows! Worn once or twice by the previous owner. Ive never even had the chance, to wear it:/
Its in immaculate condition. I would like 95 shipped and I wont go any lower. This is what I need gone most.

Second, I have a bodyline jsk. 30 shipped:) Its been worn once, and its in great condition! This is definetly a JSK for the poof-hungry lolita. Its simple and elegant and will look good with classic as well as sweet!

I have two cardigans. The first is for 10 dollars. The hello kitty cardigan has two missing buttons, but you could sew on cute buttons easy^^
The second cardigan is disney, five dollars. Its very small, child sized.

Next a lady-gaga esque hair bow, it'd look really cute with a blonde wig, 5 dollars.

 A mini-country hat. A seasoned lolita could rock this, I cannotXD 10$

5$ :)
I will also sell the pink wig in my pics for 30:) HAPPY SHOPPING! 
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, offbrand
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