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DS: BPN Skirt, h.Naoto JSK, Putumayo Skirt & more!

Im selling from Germany

I accept paypal

I am open for trades.

I'm not responsible if the item is getting lost!
First come, first get!

I don't have any pets nor do I smoke.
No returns, please ask for anything you need before buying.
I will ship worldwide

my feedback:
1.) Black Peace Now skirt

Color:     black, dark red (inside)
Material:    velvet
Size:    M
waist 66 cm
no Shirring
Length 42 cm
Beautiful soft black velvet material.
Top condition

Price: 35 Euros + Shipping

2.) h.Naoto JSK

Color:  blue, black, gold
material:  Jeans material,
Chest free
waist approx. 66 to 90 cm
length 84 to 96 cm

The black skirt is part of the dress!
Blue jeans material with black-golden embroidering.
In addition, the chain is connected with the zipper, can be settled.
On the back is shirring!

The white blouse does not participate.

Price: 140 Euros + Shipping

3.) Putumayo Sailor Skirt

Color:    black-and-white
material:    Cotton
size:    38 (UK10?)
waist approx. 75 cm
length approx. 42 cm
Shirring: no!

It is closed by the buttons.
On those is a coat of arms.

Price: 40 Euros + Shipping

4.) Putumayo Socks


Color:    black-and-white, red
material:   Cotton
Size:   onesize

Price: 20 Euros + Shipping

5.) Black Peace Now Earring SET

Color:    silver
Material:    Silver?  I do not know
Size:    Onesize

Still original packs. I sell only in the set and in the box.

Motives: 1 crown, 1 sword, 2 wings, 1 spider
Plug and trailer.

Price: 35 Euros + Shipping

I search:
black things
Things from green or red or purple Tartan fabric
red velvet dress

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, black peace now, h.naoto, putumayo

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