Messa (all_roads_home) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB/SS: White High Heels size 38/US 7, preferably Kawo

Hi, I'm putting together a coord based on the sirens from the new Tron movie and I'm looking for some offbeat white heels to go with the outfit. I found two pairs I liked but haven't found a place that sells them (the link from Polyvore to Yesstyle doesn't work and that seems to be the only place that sold Kawo shoes):

I would really like those exact pairs but something similar would be fine if a) they're white b) they're heels and not flats c) the heel is connected to the front of the shoe in some way. I'm also down for a shopping service if those specific pairs are still being sold on taobao or the place down the street from you or elsewhere, I just need them by December 10th.

Tags: !ss, !wtb
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