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DS: Blonde hairpieces/extension & plus-size friendly white offbrand cutsew

Hey guys!

I'm selling these three hairpieces which have hardly been worn, and a cutsew. They're all in very good quality, clean and tidy. ^^

1. Shipping is €2,20 within Germany.

2. International shipping: please tell me what country you are in and I will find out the cheapest shipping methods for you. ^_^

3. If you don't ask for tracking I'm not responsible for losses.

4. This is my feedback link. ^^

5. All the hair is synthetic.

* * * * *

1. The curly clip
€10 + shipping

This is a big "crocodile" clip that attaches to bunches and ponytails and such. It wasn't cheap and the curls are very nice quality tight curls that won't fall out easily.


2. The straight extension
€4 + shipping

This is a clip-in extension with 4 clips, to go under the crown of your real hair and make it thicker and longer. Very nice. <3

3. The straight ponytail
€4 + shipping

This is a ready-made ponytail with a magnetic wraparound fastener and a little comb to hold the hair in place. It works by wrapping it around an existing ponytail or bunch to make it longer.

4. The cutsew
€10 + shipping

Cut white cutsew with elastic wide neck and poofy short sleeves. Fits medium to larger chests.

I'd recommend it for a shorter person as it's a bit short. That's why I'm selling it, I'm 1,77m! So I'd say you should be 1,70m and below to wear this with a skirt, but if you just intend to wear it under a JSK it should be fine however tall you are ^^

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