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DS: Bodyline yukata, shoes, Secret Shop Shoes, Offbrand

~I take paypal for payment
~Shipping within the U.S. is included in the fee (international shipping is not)
~i'm open to offers so give me your best shot :D!

1) Bodyline Red Polka-Dot Yukata: $40 shipped

Bought this from another user in the comm. It's basically new because the previous owner
only tried it on once, and I did the same thing only to realize it's really not my style :/
This comes with the Yukata, skirt, apron, and Headbow.
It's also a Size M on the Bodyline website. Here are proof-of-ownership pictures:

2) Secret Shop Cake Shoes White, Size M: $45 shipped

These have been worn three times, and there are several scuffs around the toes of the shoes.
The back of the cake-heel shoes some wear, but other than that these shoes still look beautiful
and have a lot of life in them (^o^)/

Picture of scuffs and wear:
Right shoe:
Left shoe:

3) Bodyline Black Bow Shoes NWT, Size 24.0cm: SOLD

Bought new from another user in the comm. Never wore them because I'm actually a size 22.5cm 
and these shoes were unfortunately way too big for me T^T!!!

4) Offbrand OP in SAX: $45 Shipped

I bought this from Momo's Craftstore on Ebay. It is actually a very well-made dress--super cute details with lace. 
It's been worn only once, and everything is in almost perfect condition!

Measurements: Waist: up to 32"
                             Bust: up to 35"
                             Length: 30"

Thank you for looking \(^o^)/
Tags: bodyline, offbrand, secret shop
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