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Meta Special Summer Set, Offbrand Skirt


- I ship from Canada.
- Prices in USD
- Paypal only
- If you're local I can arrange to meetup.
- Shipping is not included unless otherwise stated
- I am not responsible for damaged or lost packages
- I do live with cats and their hair does come in contact with my clothes. Be aware if you have allergies!
- If you don't like the pricing feel free to make an offer!

- Feedback:


Handmade Scalloped  Trump Print Skirt
$27 shipped to US

24 inch waist
I have taken in the skirt by 9 inches but it can easily be let back out with no damage
20 inches long
Bought from someone on EGL
Worn once to try on
Great overtop of a red underskirt


 Metamorphose Special Summer Set
$115 Sh

Skirt: 26-30 inch waist
Shirt: 30-34 bust
Elastic waist skirt & Shirred back
Worn once to try on
Lightweight and cool for the summer
Great for mixing and matching or country lolita!

Brand new White Clip in Hair Extensions
$2 each

16 inch
Great for clipping into OTT wigs
If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Tags: !ds, metamorphose
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