Athena (emokoi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

GO: quick US Baby & AATP~ UPDATED

 Hello all!
i just wanted to buy a headband off of their online shop and figured that it would be kind of silly to pay a lot of money just for that so i was wondering if anyone wanted to split shipping and do a quick, small GO with me? I would like to order as soon aspossible (i.,e. within the week, maybe) and i am based in the US.
or alternatively, if anyone is ordering anything soon and wouldn't mind me piggybacking that may work as well.
if it ends up being a GO fees for each person would be 2 dollars-ish, maybe even no fee plus shipping costs and shipping from me to you.
my feedback is here:
please feel free to ask any questions/ leave comments,
thanks C:

link to GO page:

**update!** there will be no fee, and i will be placing the order around 11pm EST on thursday. Please PM me your items with links and paypal as soon as possible! i will invoice everyone for the initial shipping as soon as i can.
Tags: !go, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright
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