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DS: Reduced prices, unpaying buyer repost

Reposted with permission from laiferr


- Shipping is from Japan. Methods include EMS, Airmail and Economy Airmail (SAL). Prices EXCLUDE shipping!
- No holds! Non-refundable deposit/installments is acceptable for larger or multiple purchases.

- Not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

- No refund no return

- Nervous buyers are advised to refrain, since used items might have signs of wear

- Quickest payer gets the item

- All types of Paypal payments are accepted.

- To check what the items cost in your local currency, please log into you Paypal account. Choose the "send money" tab and write in the sum, choosing Japanese Yen. After clicking "process", the amount should be written below in the currency of your primary balance.

- All measurements are flat and amateur

- Payment must be made within 3 days unless otherwise has been discussed

- All prices exclude shipping.

- Feedback can be found here and here.

- Conditions of the items are:
- Excellent: Barely to no signs of wear
- Great: Hardly noticeable signs of wear
- Good: Has some signs of wear
- Poor: Might have damage, and has signs of wear
- Very poor: Has many signs of wear and tear

Shipping rates:

Below follows some general shipping rates for Europe and the U.S.

Please don't hesitate to ask for other destinations!

EMS Shipping for Europe

3000g - 6,200yen
2500g - 5,400yen
2000g - 4,600yen
1500g - 4,600yen
1000g - 2.800yen
800g - 2,400yen
500g - 1,800yen
300g - 1,500yen
EMS Shipping for the U.S.

3000g - 5,400yen
2500g - 4,700yen
2000g - 4,000yen
1500g - 3,200yen
1000g - 2,400yen
800g - 2,040yen
500g - 1,500yen
300g - 1,200yen

Airmail Shipping for Europe and the U.S.

2000g - 2,760yen
1500g - 2,310yen
1000g 1,860yen
800g - 1,500yen
500g - 960yen
300g - 600yen
SAL Shipping for Europe and the U.S.

2000g - 2,080yen
1500g - 1,580yen
1000g 1,080yen
800g - 880yen
500g - 580yen
300g - 380yen


Angelic Pretty pink pleated skirt



Info: Worn three times. In excellent condition. Has very slight piling (barely noticeable). Includes ribbon and waist ties. Dry cleaned.

Waist: 66cm no give!
Length: 45cm + 3,5cm lace

Price: 15,000yen 3,500yen!

ManiaQ colorful petticoat SOLD!



Info: Has a vertical rip on one of the layers. Can be mended rather easily. Must be purchased with other items.


Waist: 88cm (max)
Length: 34cm

Price: 1,800yen 500yen!

BTSSB pink riders jacket SOLD!


Info: Used twice. Great condition. The charm on the zipper is inside the pocket and needs to be pinched back on.

Price: 3,500yen

Angelic Pretty wristcuffs


Mint/pink - great condition - 2,000yen SOLD!
White/pink - great condition - 2,000yen SOLD!
Pink/pink - good condition - 1,500yen SOLD!
Lavender/sax - great condition - 2,000yen SOLD!

Nile Perch marshmallow necklace SOLD!



Info: Used twice. In great condition.
Price: 3,000yen 600yen!

BBeBee Heartpuff necklace in white SOLD!


Info: Very cute and soft! In excellent condition.

Price: 450yen 300yen!

Alice and the Pirates white baretta SOLD!


Info: In great condition! Used once. Is a little dusty.
Price: 800yen 350yen!

Nile Perch barettas



Info: In great condition. Must be purchased with other items.
Lavender - 450yen 300yen!
80's print - 350yen 150yen!

Thanks for looking!
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