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Wtb: Angelic pretty Jsk (and maybe OP or Shirt and Skirt sets..and possibly H.naoto things)

I'm usually an H.naoto fan but I love Angelic Pretty's prints and even though I think I look better in darker styles/colors I'm a sucker for pastels (especially pink) and super girly outfits. Basically I wanna try my hand at sweet lolita and see how I like it :)  I'm looking for things around a $250 price range but may go more if I fall in love with what your offering. I don't exactly know what I'm looking for since I'm new to sweet but anything with a bit of pink in it is fine and I'll also look at dark colorways. Naturally at the price I'm offering I don't expect anything rare but just something good for a first sweet outfit (though I don't want it to be too plain). Sock/headdress sets are a bonus! :D

Update~ i'll look through everyones offers and through sales posts and get back to you but I'm more leaning towards Jsks then skirts. Thanks :) 

Bust: 38 inch
Waist: 30inch/76 cm Naturally (with cincher can be less) 

Also if I don't find any Angelic Pretty things I like then I'll look at your H.naoto offerings. ^~

Thank you for looking~

Found :) 
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, h.naoto
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