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DS: Bodyline Skirt and Shoes, Offbrand JSK and Cutsew


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My Measurements (For reference)

Height: 5'3
Bust: 34-35
Waist: 23-24
U.S. Size: 1
U.S. Shoe Size: 7-7.5


SOLD Bodyline Black Corset Skirt: $20 (U.S. Shipping + Paypal Fees Included)

* Measurements: I don't think Bodyline sells this skirt anymore, so I can't find the stock pic or measurements. I really have no reliable way of measuring it myself, but it comes down past my knees. It could probably fit someone 1-2 sizes larger than me as it has a zipper and a lot of ties. It has metal boning in the corset part and is very attractive, it's just too long on me. *
* Condition: Excellent. I've only worn it out once. It has a small white mark that was there when I got it in the mail from Bodyline but it's not noticeable when worn. *


Black Bodyline Shoes Size 23.5: $28 (U.S. Shipping + Paypal Fees Included)

Proof Very Small Scuff

* Condition: I've only worn these out twice. They're in great condition with only a very small scuff on the toe, which is not noticeable when the shoes are worn. *


Offbrand Pink/Black Floral JSK: $18 (U.S. Shipping + Paypal Fees Included)


* Measurements: The tag says it's a US size 5, which seems reasonable. It's an empire waist and has waist ties, and it fit me pretty well, but I'm fairly certain it will fit people of a larger size as well as it was loose in the bust for me. My leg avenue petti fits under it and it reaches my knees. *
* Condition: I found no imperfections when I was inspecting it. I've only worn this out once. It's very pretty and flattering, I'm just not a big fan of black anymore. *


Liz Claiborne Pink Cutsew: $12 (U.S. Shipping + Paypal Fees Included)

Shown being worn under the JSK in the JSK's worn pic.

* Measurements: Size S. It's extremely loose on me in the bust and waist. *
* Condition:
Only worn once, under the floral JSK. It's made of very soft material and has no imperfections. *

Thank you so much for looking!

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