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DS: Sugary Carnival sax, Milky Planet Sax,Twinkle star bag Lavender & more!


I ship internationally other than on very heavy items which will have a note next to them
I only accept paypal
Shipping and paypal fees are not included
I will accept short term holds and/or payment plans that last no longer than a month, however a non-refundable deposit will be required as well as 100% positive feedback.
I have a cat and a dog but neither are allowed anywhere near my clothes
I do not smoke and noone else in my household does
 Items 4-10 prices are OBO, the person with the highest offer/ asking price will be given priority.
The person who leaves their paypal address first and who is willing to pay the asking price will get the item
All offers considered but please realise I am not making a profit on these items, and have deducted an amount from those items that have been worn and the BL coat to make it worthwhile.

Proof photo:

1. Milky planet skirt in Sax BNWT

This was bought from a european user who had never worn the skirt. I believe she bought it from the store in Paris. I have never worn the skirt, it is still in its plastic. It has its tag and also the button and fabric swatch still attached.

2. Sugary Carnival Skirt in Sax

Excellent condition only worn once.

Picture of both together:-

(I am soooo sad to see these go, I really don't want to sell them but my boyfriend wants to go to tokyo and I want to go with him so I have to sell :( )

3. Twinkle Star Shoulder bag in Lavender

Starting at £100WON by i_u_l_e_s for £80
Used once for about 3-4 excellent mint condition.

4. Angelic Pretty trick or treat bat ring in pink £20  On Hold
(This is my lowest price, I'd rather keep the ring if it doesnt at least fetch this, which I am aware it probably wont as halloween has passed, I love it too much and bought it fully intending to keep it).

5. Bodyline L098 winter coat in Sax BNWT size M £25 OBO
This is a very heavy item and so would prefer to ship within the EU only.

6. Bodyline Petti in yellow £5 OBO SOLD
Worn once for about 3-4 hours

7. Cute Can Kill bracelet pale blue £10 OBOSOLD
Great match with Sugary Carnival Sax. Worn once, in excellent condition

8. Chocomint lolipop necklace £5 OBO SOLD

9. Swimmer pettipants, ruffle bum £10 OBO
worn only once, excellent condition


(you can't see the ruffles that well in this pic)

10. Mania Q cutsew £20 OBO
I think it is one sized however it would be a size small, UK size 8-10, no more than a 34" bust.

Thank you for looking!
EDIT: I cannot ship items until next weekend.

All auctions are now closed. The items will be put up for direct sale at a reduced price. All offers are considered! Please do not be shy, worst I can say is "no" and you'll be no worse off!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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