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Hello seamstresses! 

My girlfriend and I are looking to commission a long JSK similar to the following designs:

We hate to be picky, but past experiances commissioning have taught us a thing or two.

We are looking for a seamstress who:
1. Has very good positive feedback.
2. 3-4yrs or more of sewing background.
3. Can pick out good fabric. (We have a few idea's of fabric floating in our head (definitely a classic style print) but since where we live limits us to what we can get out hands on, we will need a seamstress who is able to pick out a good medium weight fabric.)
4. A seamstress who is willing to do a two part payment plan. Half up front for cost of materials ex, half once the piece is finishes. (Past experiences lead us to trust this method of payment plan most)
5. Located in the USA or Canada (This is to save on postage, but we may be willing to commission outside of the USA or Canada if we like your work! =) )
6. Does nice finished work (Finishes edges, seams, zippers and lining are amazing and we love them!)

We will need to see from you:

1. A portfolio of some sort, showing your work.
2. Links to all of your feedback.
3. Rates you would charge.
4. Expected time-line. *How long it would take to complete*

To help you calculate rates if you do it judged on measurements, here are the measurements that we have. (We are more than happy to provide more detailed measurements later on in the process.)

Bust: 87cm (34inch)
Waist: 74cm (29inch)
Length: 120cm (47inch)

All other details can be worked out once we find our seamstress =) We will provide more photo reference/sketches then.

My feedback can be found here

Please feel free to either PM me, or leave a comment here!

Thank you so much for your time!
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