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DS: Marie Antoinette Style Wigs and WTB HMHM Dress

More Sales: community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/12656912.html {AATP, Kidsyoyo, Cyperous, Offbrand}

Marie Antoinette Wig
Cascading curls with hollow bump so it's lightweight. High quality kanekalon, I've worn mine several times and the curls have held up better than any wig I've ever owned! In fact the photos on the foam head were taken after 4 wears, and I know my Cyperous wig doesn't look anywhere near that good after 4 wears! Takes 5-10 days. Auburn and black wont be ready til first week of December but you can totally order now.
$99 {shipping included if you're in the states otherwise you can choose from First Class without tracking for $9.07 or Express for $29.80}

I can also take commissions on the mini tricorns if anyone is interested~

Light brownish blonde, golden blonde, light blonde, auburn red, white, pink, brown with blonde, black

Also WTB this HMHM OP set!
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