Dolly (hereliesdolly) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Bodyline Boots or Secret Shop Shoes & Boots (small sizes)

Probably a long shot considering how small my feet are (~U.S. size 5) but I'm looking to purchase these Bodyline boots in black x black (If you have size 225 mm, which is the smallest size for those boots, that would be AMAZING):

Any other Bodyline boots in a similar style are welcome too! If your boots are not too much bigger than my size, I'll still be interested.

As for Secret Shop shoes, I'm interested in mostly anything in the colors black and pink in a size S. Edit: I'm also interested in black secret shop boots.

This is one of my first purchases from the sales comm, and I'll be using paypal. My feedback page is newly created: Here.

Tags: !wtb, bodyline, secret shop
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