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DS: hair falls, accesories, wig -- WTB: brand JSK's/skirts/OP's(?), bag/purse, and cutsew/blouse


Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/204581.html

I do accept trades ^^


Sales first!

Item #1 - hair falls
*medium to dark brown
*2 pieces, very slight difference in color, but not noticeable unless held side-by-side and stared at for a good while xD
*bought second hand, worn a few times
*price: $23 (or both) + shipping
*please excuse my lazy worn picture! I was still in my pajamas xD

Item 2 - brown wig with light brown highlights
*bought new, worn 3-4 times
*price: $25 OBO + shipping

Item 3: BlueXblack accessories:
*commisioned from someone here on the comm_sales, specifically to match my MMM cathedral JSK (which I sold, so I no longer need these)
*price:$7 each + shipping, or all 3 for $25 shipped anywhere


Now for my WTB!

First off, I want a bag or purse--gothic stye. I don't have anything specific in mind besides color (dark), so show me what you've got!

Second, I'm looking for a long-sleeved cutsew or blouse, to go with EGL/gothic styles.
As for color, I want black, white, or cream, but I don't have any specific design in mind. I'd prefer something from MMM or AatP, or something that is styled like those brands ^^

Next, I'm looking for certain prints:
If I don't specify a color or style (JSK/skirt/OP), then I am open to any colors or styles ^^

Alice and the Pirates Seraphim print JSK or Skirt in black.

Moi-meme-Moitie Church Gate JSK

Juliette et Justine Crucifixion

Infanta Emporer and Nightingale

Moi-meme-Moitie Rose Bouquet

Jane Marple Stained Glass

Alice and the Pirates Saint Mephisto Cathedrale JSK in black or purple

Or show me any other gothic prints/dresses you have! :D


Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, jane marple, moi-meme-moitie, offbrand
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