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- I ship from Baltimore, MD on Mondays and Tuesdays.
- Prices are in USD.
- I accept Paypal only.
- Buyer pays Paypal fees, but if you want to avoid said fees, you may send payment as a gift.
- I'd rather not do holds unless a reasonable down payment can be put down first.
- First user to leave Paypal address gets priority.
- Shipping price is included for the US only. Please inquire for international shipping prices.
- All items include a tracking number.
- I reserve the right to not sell to those who have negative or no feedback.
- I'm not responsible for any packages lost, stolen, delayed or damaged.
- No returns/exchanges.


Hello all!

I'm selling the majority of this stuff because some of these things are just too sweet for me. When I started lolita, I bought a lot of sweet pieces because they were the easiest to obtain, even though I've always been more oriented towards classic and country. Most have just been sitting in my closet for awhile, and it's about time they find a new home.


Fishbox is my proof, as well as pictures of me wearing the stuff.


Bodyline Cat JSK - $28 + $12 shipping & tracking HOLDING

BL Measurements:
Back center of length 80cm
Bust 84-94cm
Waist 70-80cm

Only tried on. I like it, but it's too short on me and I don't have a pair of tights to wear it with. I also have the detachable bow, but forgot to include it in the proof picture >:


Bodyline Pink Picnic Gingham OP - $30 + $12 shipping & tracking

BL Measurements:
Length 94cm
Bust 92cm
Waist 72cm
Shoulder length 34cm
Sleeve length 22cm

Only tried on and decided later that it was too sweet for me. I am selling the Pink colorway.


Bodyline Cake Set - $45 + $12 shipping & tracking SOLD

Bust 84-94cm
Waist 70-80cm

This set includes matching:

I will not separate it.

Bought this off of the sales_comm, and decided shortly after that it was too sweet for me. I believe it's been worn twice total by the previous owner and myself. The previous owner also glued a decorative cake to the headbow, which you can see in the picture.


F+F Classical High Waist Corset Skirt - $70 + $12 shipping & tracking

Waist: 76cm - 104cm

This is a corduroy skirt/corset with a white underskirt. I am absolutely in love with this piece, and I'm honestly just going to use the money I get from selling this piece to buy another one from F+F that fits better. The skirt is wearable for my 30in waist and looks perfect in the front (see proof), but I don't like how the fabric bunches up in the back when I tighten the corset. If you don't like bunching fabric, I would not buy this if your waist is less than 30in/76cm. The elastic underskirt stretches up to 41in/104cm max.


F+F Steel Prop Pannier - $12 + $12 shipping & tracking SOLD
Proof / Me wearing it under a heavy JSK / Where it came undone

Waist 70cm - 100cm (adjustable tie)

Worn, but in good condition. This was my starter pannier, and now I have a chiffon petticoat so I'm selling this one. The pannier looks slightly different than the stock photos (it's not shiny). This pannier is great if you dont want anything rubbing against your legs, and if you decide to layer petticoats over it, you can get some serious poof.

Note that the hoop came undone once. When I got it from F+F, the two ends were taped together by a thin strip. After a couple of wears, the tape actually came apart and I had to tape it back together myself. When I taped it, there was nothing wrong with the shape and it's even sturdier than before, but I took the tape off in the last proof picture to show what I meant. It's super easy to fix--all you need to do is tape the two ends back together.


Bodyline Pink Heart Socks - $4 + $5 shipping & tracking SOLD

Worn once, will wash before I ship. Again, too sweet for me, and I'm selling the Pink colorway.


Bodyline White Shoes - $15 + $12 shipping & tracking

Size: 26cm

When I bought these, I ignorantly went by the US size chart on Bodyline's site instead of measuring my foot, so they are way too big for me. I tried to wear them once and scuffed them slightly, which can be seen in the proof photo. The photo also shows the insoles I placed in them to try to make it fit, but I'll be removing them before shipping.


Thanks for looking!
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