arisabathory (arisabathory) wrote in egl_comm_sales,


Terms of sale:Item 1
Black peace now tie bought used from harajuku closet child $50

Item 2
pearl headband  bought new used twice but it's too big for my head $15

Item 3
handmade "so sweet" strawberry bows $10 a pair

Item 4
black Steve Madden maryjanes  bought used and got plenty of use out of them even though they are too big for me. they are damaged but most of the damage is not noticable when worn.    US size 8B  $25 + shipping

Item 5
white offbrand heels i bought these too small because it was the last size and tried to get them streched to fit me alas it was in vain used about 3 times, some damage  US size 5 $15 + shipping

Tags: !ds, black peace now, handmade, offbrand
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