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FAQs for New EGL Feedback Rule #8

Hello everyone,

There seems to have been a lot of discussion and confusion lately regarding the new EGL feedback rule  #8 posted here a couple of days ago.

We wanted to clarify a lot of things regarding the rule itself. I think there were some lively discussions and great suggestions made by some members. However, many of them were just not feasible, not because we don't care but because of other technical reasons. So here is an FAQ to help clarify a couple of things.

FAQ 1: Can we still leave feedback for shopping services?

Yes! As long as the SS was advertised on egl_comm_sales  or egl  and that's how you first came to buy from them, you may leave feedback for them on eglfeedback. This extends to any transaction that stems from egl  or egl_comm_sales  that might have taken place by pm as well.

FAQ 2: Why can't we post feedback from sub-communities like angelicpoodle, loligoth_la, etc.? They are too small to have their own feedback system.

We would like to stress that we are putting this new rule in place in order to help make the community a safer place to sell. This may seem a little counter-intuitive at first glance, but we encourage you to see it from our perspective:

If a scammer is active on brand sub-communities such as angelicpoodle , btssb , or metamor_way , we can take down their username, ban them, and that's it. If they dispute the charges levied against them, moderation becomes impossible since they can easily hide comments by screening or deleting them, and the moderation team won't be able to see them. Even if the scammer simply bolts with someone's money, we can only ban their username.

We cannot note their IP address to prevent them coming back under a different name, since that information is not tracked in many sub-communities- and even if it was, we would not have access to it as moderators of egl_comm_sales , rather than moderators of individual brand communities.

In short, we do not realistically have the information we need to moderate other communities, and as a result we can't accept feedback from transactions performed on them.

FAQ 3: Why can't you just tell the other sister communities to follow your rules?

We discussed this at lengths as a mod team, even thinking of creating "affiliates" that must abide by our rules. After much debate, we all realized that it simply isn't feasible. Here are the reasons why we struck it down:
  • In order for us to track IP's, see screened comments, etc. we would have to obtain temporary mod status from the sister communities. However, we don't know if the sister communities have mods that are active enough to work with us or even allow us the temp mod status. Yes, we can go ask them, but we would rather them come to us if they want to be affiliated with us.
  • We don't want to tell other sister communities to abide by our rules. Somehow, there is a misunderstanding that egl owns all of the other lolita communities and is the "mother" community. While this may be true in theory, in practice, we are all separate and equal entities. Each with its own set of rules and jurisdictions. In summary, we want to be respectful of the smaller communities.

As one of the mods gave an analogy, you aren't going to leave feedback on ebay for a transaction that occured on craigslist. Craigslist doesn't have its own feedback system, but that doesn't mean you can't ask them for a link to their ebay feedback page if they have one.

FAQ 4: Why don't you guys add more mods to your team?

Please see the answer above. It's not that we need more mods, it's because of the reasons listed above.

FAQ 5: This might be a good way for people to be scammed on other communities. We don't think this is a good idea at all.

Please understand that we do care! Just because people might be scammed on other communities, doesn't mean you can't report them to us using the Anonymous Report Center or even just by PM'ing one of us. If indeed there is enough evidence to show that the person in question is a scammer, we will make an announcement to the community and ban them if necessary.

FAQ 6: With this rule, I can see people having horrible feedback on other communities (lolita LJ ones, ebay, etsy, etc.) and only showing us their eglfeedback  one which might be all positive.

First of all, most scammers historically had positive feedback before disapearing off the face of the earth. Just because someone has positive feedback doesn't mean they can't be a scammer. Just because someone has negative feedback, doesn't mean they are a scammer either.

Second, you can protect yourself from this by doing the following:
  • If you know that there are 2 feedback accounts from etsy and ebay that belonged to a user, we can post them as links on the user's feedback page. We must of course, see proof that these feedback pages belonged to the same egl user.
  • You can ask for feedback pages to be created for users besides from yourself. If you have discovered a scammer who doesn't have a page, you can request one.
  • Ensure the transaction happens on egl_comm_sales  to begin with. Advertise on the lolita LJ community with a link back to the original egl_comm_sales  post. That will make it easier for you as a seller to manage all comments that take place AND it ensures you can leave feedback for them on our system.

FAQ 7: Some sister communities don't allow us to put fake cuts or links to outside communities!

If this is the case, we would encourage you to ask the mods from those communities to change the rules set in place so that it works for your sub community.

In summary, we would like to express we are very happy there has been some lively debates and members who care a lot about the safety of our community. If you would like the sub-communities to be safer, we encourage you to ask the mods of those communities to either create a feedback system or find other ways to make sure that community allows feedback in some way.

If you have any questions about the new rule or the FAQ's please feel free to comment below. We will make sure to answer all your questions.
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