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DS : Angelic Pretty Wrapping Ribbon skirt

Hi, here a few things I have for sale ! Please don't hesitate to ask questions, I'd be glad to help you ^^

- Payments are to be made by paypal (+5% fees), bank transfer or checks for french people
- Shipping fees are not included in the price. It will be my pleasure to let you know the several methods of shipping you can choose and their prices ^^ I'm not responsible for lost packages
- No trades please, I accept holds with a 15% deposit, non refundable and no more than two weeks
- First person to leave her paypal address gets the item, but leaving the paypal address means you're actually willing to buy the item. If you have questions, ask them first !
- I don't smoke but have a cat which doesn't come near my clothes. I'll remove the cat hair anyway in case there are some on the clothes, it happens sometimes.
- I'll try to reply to your questions as fast as possible but live in a different timezone (France) so I'll do my best, please be patient ^^
- I have many positive feedbacks

Angelic Pretty "Wrapping Ribbon" skirt in off-white and pink

[Proof picture]
Skirt of the collection Wrapping Ribbon released this fall. The collection went sold out in 48 hours in this color in Japan, quite a frenzy ! It was featured in Kera though it wasn't a regular print. I've worn it only two times only for a few hours, it's in perfect condition. High waisted skirt with removable waisties. I think it's more an "otome" style skirt than strictly lolita, it has a lovely ballerina shape once worn without the need of a petticoat. It is a lovely skirt that has a strong Emily Temple Cute feeling to it though it's from AP !
From 63 to 78cm waist with back shirring and 43cm height (I measured it from the top to the superior ruffle, the one that is lined because the bottom ruffle is obviously see-through) 125€/175USD

Please don't hesitate if you have any question ^^
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