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DS: New white blouse from Black Peace Now

~Price in $ USD.
~I accept PayPal and US Postal Money Orders (the kind you buy at the post office!).
~Shipping and PayPal fees included in price; I'll give you $5 off for money orders!
~I have no pets and do not smoke.
~My feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/654064.html

This is a new, never-worn blouse from the Black Peace Now shop in San Francisco. It is "free size" but probably close to M size. The sides can be tied up to make it fit closer. The thing in plastic to the left is a neck bow but I've never taken it out; I've seen it tied up on a BPN blouse and it looks really cute!

BPN,Black Peace Now

Asking $60, including shipping to US.
(Originally $97)

It's a great basic white blouse (and very cute with the bow tied) for under a JSK or with a skirt.
I hope you like it!

Tags: !ds, black peace now
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