inuashley (inuashley813) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Bloomers, Winter items, Mint or Pink AP Socks, Lace gloves/armwarmers, Parasols

Hello! I'm looking for the following items; here is my feedback:

Please provide any price quotes with shipping included, thank you! :D

Only sellers from the US, Canada, and Japan, please~

1. Bloomers: Any brand, color, style, etc is fine as long as they're cotton and they'll fit a 28in waist/36in hips comfortably without digging into my stomach.

2. Pink Blouse: AP, can also be a cutsew that can be used as a blouse~

3. Mint, Pink, white/pink or mint/pink AP socks: I need these in my hands by next Thursday, the 11th, so please figure in Priority Mail shipping to your price. Prints only, no solids, please!

4. Winter items: Scarves, jackets/coats, mittens/gloves; pretty much any outerwear with fur on it, I'm willing to consider. I'm not looking for anything over $100 shipped, so please keep that in mind. : )

5. Lace wrist gloves or lace armwarmers: AP-style would be great, but I'll consider anything else as well, in any color except black. Looking for under $60, please.

6. Parasols: White, Blue, or Pink; I'm willing to look at any brand or style~

Thank you for looking!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, offbrand
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