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I want one thing off bodyline, if anyone else wants one or two things and wouldn't mind splitting the shipping cost wanna do a GO? I'm happy to meet up with people in London or at London TPC meets (possible going to Nov, definitely going to Dec if it's in Greenwich)...also happy to post to people if they don't mind covering p&p from me to you costs :)


If you’d like to take part in the GO please pm me with the following details: 

How will I get the item to you?  TPC meet/possible London meet/postage at cost to GO participant
Item URL
Item size
Item colour
Item Quantity
Item price (in USD)
Paypal AND CONTACT email address

Max items per person - 2 (otherwise you may as well order them yourself and get them posted to your home address for what shipping will cost!)

Shipping from bodyline to me ($20) will be split between participants dependent on no of participents i.e. if 4 people incl. me participate it'll be $5 a head, is $20 participate incl. me it'll be $1 per head.

I won't charge any fees expect if you want to be covered by paypal you'll have to cover paypal fees.

Obviously if you’re not in London you’ll have to pay shipping, which I will only be able to tell you the cost of after the items arrive.  Generally, I'd say shoes 2nd class, one item of clothing second class, one bag or two small items (e.g. bow or deco nails) first class would be absolute max £4 including packaging cost.

If you're in London and want to meet me somewhere other than a TPC meet I live in Greenwich town centre, I work in Welling, Kent, or the best place to meet centrally for me is around Charing X/Covent Garden/Strand/Chinatown/Soho area at a weekend, time and date will have to be on my terms though, sorry! 

Then specify if you want to either cover the cost of paypal fees or if you want to send the money as a gift.  We’ll communicate via pm from there. 

I’ve never hosted a GO before, but I'm sure I can manage it! 

My eglfb page is here:

And I’ve also got feedback as an ebay seller here:

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