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WTB!: Black bodyline JSK or OP size M and Black RHS size 24.5


Hello!  I hope I'm doing this correctly as this is my first time actually posting here!  Please let me know if I've done something wrong and/or left out any important information.

I am looking to buy a black bodyline JSK for my little sister.  She's not insanely picky but she did say that she prefers a colorway that has black as a prominent color (if not the only color).  Multiple colors are fine as long as the main is black!

She would wear the average, size M.  If you have any that you are looking to sell, please let me know!  I would be interested to see what's available for her out there, as there are no Bodyline GOs going at the moment (that I could find).  I'll just try my luck at this first.

This is one that she really likes so if you've got it and are willing to sell (which isn't likely, as it's fairly new) that would be a miracle.


As for myself, I'm looking for some black rocking horse/ballerina style shoes size 24.5.  I prefer something a little taller than minimal sole (something as tall as the image below or taller) and I also prefer a wooden sole if possible.  I'll look at/consider anything though.  I would like leather straps and NOT ribbon.  Used would be just fine.

This is just an idea of what I'm looking for.  I'm aware eBay has them but I'd rather see if another comm member has them before purchasing from some random place in China. ^_^'

I don't really have a price range yet and I won't be sure until I see what you guys have to offer.  Thank you!
Tags: !wtb, bodyline, double decker, montreal
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