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!DS: 10 Pairs of Shoes, more Socks! Petticoat, Jewelry, Purses, Hair Acccessories!

Status: This post is now outdated!
Check for the remaining items that were posted right here, as well as lot of new things! Thanks~

The Basics:
♥ Prices are in US Dollars.
♥ I ship from Pennsylvania, USA.  USPS Priority mail with tracking unless otherwise stated.  Yes, I combine shipping costs!
♥ I am willing to ship internationally if I can.  PLEASE NOTE: I've had so many international inquiries! Right now the only international shipping I have available to me is Priority mail - this is not the cheapest, especially if you only want one small item. Please understand that I don't like it any better than you, but there is nothing I can do to make shipping costs cheaper. =( Thank you for understanding!!
♥ All items come from a smoke-free environment!
♥ I live with two cats, please be aware if you are highly allergic.
♥ I have all my feedback listed here: EGLFB
♥ Any time you buy from me you will receive a surprise gift of some sort!
♥ In case of two people being interested in the same item (and neither having been invoiced yet) I will decide who gets the item depending on highest offer, who is buying multiple items, who will be easier to ship to, or who posted/can pay first, etc.

Payment & Returns:
♥ I accept PayPal!  (non-cc, please)  If you are comfortable with sending payment that is appreciated, however if you choose to be invoiced for your own peace of mind I will not charge you PayPal fees - I think it's silly!
♥ I will accept checks, money orders, and MoneyGrams, but please understand that I cannot ship your item until I have your payment in my hand.
♥ In general, NO TRADES.  I am not offended by haggling, but have the right to refuse an offer.
♥ If you can't pay right away, please let me know.  Because of people changing their minds in the past, I will not do holds.
♥ If an item is being returned to me it must be shipped back unused, then I will gladly refund the price of the item(s), minus my original shipping costs.

You as a Buyer:
♥ Ask questions before you buy!  I'll be happy to help you with color description, sizing, more pictures, etc.
♥ After buying contact me via PM or E-mail with any concerns, or to resolve an issue.
♥ Please leave feedback for me, and I'll do the same for you!

Shipping for sandals and shoes is $12 within the US.  Other countries will cost more.
I will not fold boots over to ship them in a tiny box, so please give me your address/zip code and I will calculate shipping for you.

White (BtSSB replica?) Heels:

Backs | Soles | Sides
Info: Size 24cm, may fit 24.5cm just as well. TVA brand
These pretty things are a size too big, and they just won't work for me. They are completely new, only tried on, no dirt, scuffs, anything. I believe they are modeled after older Baby shoes? They tie around your ankles, best worn shots are from their listing here.
Price: $50

Black & White Lace-trimmed Shoes:

Top view | Sides | Backs | Soles | nick on inside of heel
Info: Size 24cm, Montreal brand
In my opinion these are some of the nicest shoes made by Montreal.  They are chunky and sturdy, but not too heavy.  I only wore them once for photos and to a dinner.  From that they have one light scuff on the toe of a shoe, and a nick in one of the heels.  Otherwise, perfectly flawless - they still smell new!  I had dreamed of using these in a pirate coord, but I have to stuff the toes like crazy, and that's no good...
Price: $50

Pink Sweet Cake Shoes

Worn | Sides | Soles
Info: Size 23.5cm (M), Secret Shop, pink color has a lavender hue.
These don't have any scuffs at all, their only "flaw" are a few teeny bumps in the cork sole heel, but they came from the factory that way...
Price: $50

Cream Dolly Shoes:

Soles & Sides
Info: Secret Shop, size M
These low heels are very sturdy and comfy to wear all day.  They are an off-white color, just like most "white" lolita shoes!  Some light scuffing around the bottoms.
Price: $45

Black Dolly Shoes:

Soles & Sides
Info: Secret Shop, size M
These low heels are very sturdy and comfy to walk in all day.
Price: $45

Dressing Up Shoes - Red:

Sides | Back
Info: Secret Shop, size M = PLEASE NOTE: these are from the first batch of these shoes, which ran a bit smaller than usual.  If you have a narrower foot or aren't quite a 23.5cm foot, this was great news...  I personally have slightly wide feet and went ahead and bought them anyway.  They seem to have stretched just enough to fit me fine, even wearing socks.  Still, you should be aware!
These shoes are super cute and make your feet look so dainty!  The double gem chains can be removed from the straps.  I think the bows could be slipped off of the straps, as well, but the others are permanent.  Very lightly worn, great condition, rare color.
Price: $55

Dressing Up Shoes - Black:

Sides | Backs
Info: Secret Shop, size M - regular sizing!
These are from a second or third run of this style, and only have one strand of gems on the strap - still removable.  They are very cute and comfortable, flattering on your feet!  I added gel foot petals, but they have been removed since taking pictures.  These are in great condition, lightly worn because they were some of my favorites!

NEW BtSSB-style "An-tai-na" Sandals:

Back | Top View | Box
Info: by Miranda House, size is 23.5cm, but seems to run a tiny bit large, so I never wore them!
Super cute sandals with big bows on 'em - you know you need them!  Perfectly brand new and seem sturdy to me.  The shoes don't have a size marked on them, the box they came in does (I should be able to ship these with their original box!  It's just small enough to fit in a shipping box).
Price: $45

Black SS Boots:

Toes | Bottoms & Backs
Info: Secret Shop, size M
Nice sturdy winter boots that go great with everything!  A few scuffs are the only flaws.
Price: $65

Want to Trade/Make an Offer Anarchic Kitty Shoes:

Info: I have Size 7, I'm looking for Size 6 (Real Leather shoes)
These are used, they have scuffs. I bought them used, and they were expensive even then, so I will only sell them if I get a good offer.

Ship free along with purchased shoes.  Within the US, it will cost $5 to ship 1-3 pairs via Priority. 1st class is also an option within the US.

Picture A: (OTK & misc)

Grey Lace Tights: labeled as "one size", these were way too baggy for me. I am short/petite, these need a tall/regular owner! Worn shortly, then washed in hopes of them shrinking, but they didn't. - $5
Brand New with Tags Black Strawberry Lace socks: may only be knee-high on taller/larger people - $15
Black & White stripe Cherry socks: Tried on, washed on the delicate cycle, just like new - $15
New With Tags Metamorphose Blue & Off-white stripe + dot socks: I tried on one sock, didn't end up needing these for a planned outfit! - tag says 2,310yen - $20 SOLD
Buckled Spat Leg Warmers, small: stay up fine with or without the buckles, but only for skinny legs! info Worn once, just like new - $16 <- Sale canceled, available again!
Picture B: (knee highs, all brand new)

Purple Stripes, Cats, Candy Corn - $5
Blue-tone Strawberries - $5
Piano Keys - $5 SOLD
Blue with Rainbow Clouds - $10 SOLD
Black & White stripes - $10
Pink, Fuchsia, Aqua Stripes - $5
Tan and Brown Stars - $7
Picture C: (knee highs, all in excellent condition)

Red Strawberries on White (worn once, washed) - $7
Black & White Lace-up (worn a few times, washed) - $7 SOLD
White Multi Dots and Butterflies (worn briefly, washed) - $5
Red & Black Sheet Music (worn once, washed) - $5 SOLD
Angelic Pretty replica Roses and Ribbons (worn once, washed) - $10
Pink, Green, Blue stripes (tried on, washed) - $3
Picture D: (knee highs)

Brand New with Tags Plain Blue knee highs (soft and thick) - $3
Betsey Johnson 2 pair SET, brand new: one pair lavender with glitter roses at sides, the other cream with purple roses all over - knee highs, have the cutest scalloped tops! - $15 SOLD
Black Unicorn, Star & Rainbow knee high socks: worn once, then washed - so cute from Japan! - $15 SOLD
Candy Cane Fur Topped knee highs: fur cuffs can be worn folded down or up to cover your knees better. worn once, then washed. - $7 gone


Hair Items:

Large Black Rose Corsage: this is silky soft! Has an elastic pony tie at the back, as well as a pin, so it could be worn on your clothes. Besides holding hair back, it makes a lovely decoration for your wrist! (used once)- $3
Peach Ostrich Feather Clip: perfect for classic or hime styles, two soft feathers with a cluster of sparkling jewels at the center. Has an alligator-type clip to hold in your hair. Completely new, and only taken out of the plastic for a picture. - $5 gone
Black Headbow with Veil: would be nice for a gothic coord! New with tags that say 6.80 - $6 SOLD
Cinnamoroll Hair Snap: cute little Sanrio guy, only used 1-2 times - $2


Faux Pearl Strand - $5
Large Key Necklace: shows some wear - $5
Coral Pink Strawberry Necklace - $5
Crown, Key, Lock & Ribbon choker: - $5
Strawberries set: necklace, bracelet & earrings - $8

Other Jewelry:

Ivory Chandelier Earrings: these were never used, but are not on their original backcard anymore. Really lovely, but not for me! - $5 SOLD
Wrapped Feather Ring: I love this, but it is too big for me! US size 6, just like new. - $3
Crochet Cherries Earrings: worn several times, just like new - so adorable and soft! - $5
Key Charm Bracelet: shows wear on most keys - $3

Hello Kitty Apartment Purse:

Top/Side | Back
Info: Rough measurements: 7 1/2 x 4 x 3 inches | 19 x 10 x 7 cm
This reminds me of the cute "house" purses made my IW and such. The tag is gone but the plastic tie for it is still on the zipper - this is brand new! One outside pocket.

Hello Kitty Spring Green Purse:

Info: Rough measurements: 6 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 3 inches | 17 x 13 x 7 cm
This cute purse has two zippered areas, each one opens to reveal a pocket within. It is slightly transparent, and has a cute daisy on the zipper pull! There are some light pink marking within the larger comparment, otherwise no flaws.
Price: $10

Vintage Rabbit Fur Purse:

Back | Inside
Info: Rough measurements: 11 x 7 x 3 1/3 inches | 28 x 18 x 8 cm
Warning: if you carry this bag, everyone will want to pet your purse! This is perfect for winter looks, and the neutral tan color with antique hardware matches everything~ Removable long chain shoulder strap. It is vintage and perhaps not "perfect" anymore, but it certainly has a lot of like left in it. Does shed a little bit, but no more than is normal for rabbit fur. There is one open pocket and one zippered pocket inside. You can fit a surprising number of things in it!
Price: $15


Vintage Sam's 835 Petticoat:

Size: Labelled as 23" Small - it is 23" from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the fluff. Waist at rest is 26", stretches to about 34".
Info: This gorgeous petticoat is a deep midnight blue color, has 35 yards of material in 2 layers. This is VERY poofy! The best thing about these nylon chiffon petticoats is that, besides being incredibly soft and comfortable, no matter how much you crush them they will always fluff back out with a simple shake! With the ruffling on the bottom this will do an excellent job of holding up the fullest, heaviest winter skirts. Or, if it is too long for you, and you want a more subdued shape simply cut the bottom tier to your desired length - no hemming needed, it will not unravel. I've looked this over and can't find any flaws at all.
For referrence this petticoat is pretty much identical to the style sold by Candy Violet - see their "Fluffy Petticoat".

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