poisonbreed (poisonbreed) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB petti,socks,shoes,hair things,accessories brand off brand

Hello im looking to get some of the smaller things needed for some of my outfits.
i would prefer offbrand since it is cheaper but if its brand and its a good price ill consider.
im looking for:

primary colour is black, over the knee preferred but do like thigh high and tights.

moderatelypoofy pett
i would like a petti that is more for a-line skirts but not super poofy where you can turn me upside down and all it is is ruffles.

hair accessories
im looking for pretty much just black. DO NOT SHOW ME BONNETS i dont like bonnets.

in a previous WTB post i asked for bat things. well as the holiday went past my friends managed to get me a bunch of bats but im still looking for things like necklaces and rings. im mostly looking for elegant things such as cameos and such. really would like to get some black lace wrist cuffs.

my shoe size is mostly a U.S 7.5-8(24.5 cm) i have a lot of shoes as it is but you can never have enough to live with. I really want heart buckle in black black since i do have the black white ones already. im looking for not just lolita shoes but gothic shoes like demonia or the like. i do have a pair of patch work demonia platform boots already so keep that in mind.

in all if its something that is more on the Gothic and classical lolita look or aristocrat since i wear that more oven then lolita please show me i love seeing what people have to offer.

Tags: !wtb
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