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DS/ DT taobao, bodyline,innocent world *repost* 20%or more off



DS/ DT taobao, bodyline , innocent world*repost* 20% or more off

*I have cats and dogs so beware but they are kept away from where the clothes are stored
*After I ship the items I take no responsibility for them unless you request a tracking number or insurance
*i ship with in two business days of payment
*paypal fees are not included
* my feedback can be found here and here
* all measurements are amateur
* IF you would like any additional measurements or pictures feel free to ask for them

I bought these to try out different styles and found that while pretty didn't really suit my style and would rather trade or sell them to someone who will use them more then I will

first up was my first purchase of lolita from bodyline I like it but as I said i have drifted more towards country and classic as what i really like to where and Its time to let this go.
It has been wore twice and still in great condition

the large bow at the waist is Detachable and it does have some shirring on the back
Its a standard bodyline size M garment it fits me fine with a little bit of give left and I have a 29 inch waist

Price 41.70 33.40 27.40
the next is a black long sleeve blouse i bought to go with a jsk but i didn't like the way the sleeves fell on me the lace on the end was just too long :(

it can also fit a 30 inch waist but i wouldn't go larger

price 60.70 48.60 39.10

and last I got a new black petticoat to be a daily less fluffy version on my black petticoat but it ended up being just as fluffy so I'm selling it. its quiete fluffy and while the actual lace on the outside isn't brand quality it is lined and so it's very comfy
here is an actual picture of the petti

here is a picture of it worn under something

price 42.70 34.20

waist 28 max can go smaller do to waist ties (removable)
arm hole 11 inches max
the color is a very light pink and the ribbon is a dark brown

I also got this shirt in the last IW lucky pack. It fits my waist perfectly except the arm holes were too small. I kept it hoping that when i was losing weight it would fit better. However it hasn't happened yet (lost it elsewhere doh!)and so it's time to let in go
$100 80

I got this choker for a gothic outfit to see if I liked the style. ANd while it was gorgeous dress and choker it really wasn't me.
$ 12 10

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