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!DS: Some Plus Size Friendly, nothing over $25 shipped (US)

-Here is my feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/818285.html
-I ship from the US. Shipping and PP fees are included in the price for US BUYERS ONLY. For international shipping + fees, please inquire.
-I live in a smoke-free pet-free environment.
-I SHIP ON SATURDAY ONLY. I'm greatly sorry but I have a 9am-6pm job, preventing me from shipping on other days.

-Paypal ONLY

-First person to leave paypal address in a comment gets the item. Don't PM me.
-Serious inquiries only please.

Alright now let's get to the good stuff.

My proof is my blue bedspread.

All items are at least second hand and purchased from the sales comm - there are no damages or marks that I have been able to find on anything.

Offbrand High Collar Off-White Long Sleeve Blouse - Plus Size Friendly!
$25USD (Inc. US Shipping and PP fee)

Collar Detail
Pattern Detail (They look like feathers.)

This silky blouse is really lovely. It fits me fine, and I have a few centimeters to breathe without gaping at the chest and my bust measurement is 96cm. I'm selling it because I haven't worn it and it doesn't really fit with anything else I have. Purchased from the sales comm. There is no lacing on the back.

Flat Measurements:
From Underarm to underarm: 18"
Waist: 20"
Sleeve length: 22"

Blue Handmade Skirt - Plus Size Friendly!
$20USD (Incl. US shipping+paypal fee)


This skirt is so cute and super soft - but it's a bit too large for me - your gain! "Comfortably" stretched, it can fit up to 19"(flat) inches. It's also a bit long on me, so it would look best on people who are 5'5" or taller! Includes matching waist tie!

Flat measurement:
Waist: 19" stretched/flat

Maroon Blouse SOLD
$15USD (Incl. US shipping and paypal fee)


This blouse is so cute! The buttons are little hearts, and there are ribbons on the sleeves! But it is just too small for me. My bust size is 96cm, but it would fit best on someone with a 90cm bust or SMALLER.

Flat Measurements:
Bust/ Armpit-Armpit:16.5"
Waist: 13.5"

Black Velvet Bodyline Skirt SOLD!
$20 (incl. US shipping + PP fees)


I'm sorry for the lack of details in the pictures - the stock photo linked is a very clear indicator of what it looks like :( This is a great skirt that I purchased from the sales comm. It's thick and warm with nice soft cotton lace. I'm selling it because I simply haven't worn it.
Measurements from Bodyline website:
Waist: 62 - 90cm
Height: 53cm

Tags: !ds, *plus size, bodyline, handmade, offbrand
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