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WTB: BtSSB Usakumya Phone Strap, AP Memorial Cake Photo Album and Colouring Book!

~ p a y m e n t s ~
I can pay by non-CC Paypal.

~ s h i p p i n g ~
I'm in Canada (L1V 5X9), please let me know how much the basic shipping would be and also the price of tracking/insurance if possible!

~ f e e d b a c k ~
I have positive feedback at my LJ, EGLFeedback, and on Ebay.


BtSSB Usakumya Phone Strap

After emptying my room, I realized I can't find mine! I really miss it and would like to buy another one to replace mine ): Looking to spend around $20 shipped, and I prefer the pink one over white!

AP Memorial Cake Photo Album

Looking for something to hold my postcard collection! Looking to spend around $20 shipped. Not extremely picky about colours, but I will hold out for the one on the far right for a few days if I have other offers.

AP Colouring Book

I have the scans already, but I have some crafty ideas and would like to see if anyone is willing to sell their colouring book! I might still be interested in it if it's been coloured in, just be prepared to post pictures just in case :) I have seen a mini pack of coloured pencils that go with it too, and I would *love* these too! I will probably even buy just these alone. Just let me know the condition of what you are offering, and your asking price :)

BtSSB Seraphim/Stained Glass Skirt in Black

Still looking for this ): I'm only interested in the BtSSB version and not AaTP, and only the skirt in black. Please feel free to let me know if you've seen it on a site or auction, I'm pretty sure I have them all bookmarked and I check them often, but I might have missed it!


~ p r e v i o u s . s a l e s ~
An*Tai*Na Ruffle RHS Replicas
BtSSB Scallop Princess JSK and Skirt, and a F21 Blouse

If you're interested in a trade/partial trade for anything I'm selling, let me know!

Thank you for looking~
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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