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Mel Bell

DS: BL RHS black 24.5 -SOLD

-I ship to US only
-Shipping includes tracking and priority shipping
-I accept paypal only
-No holds. Item goes to first person to provide paypal
-Once the package leaves my hands at the post office, I am no longer responsible for it. (This is why I ship priority and with confirmation.)
-Prices are in USD
-My feedback:

Onto the sale! :D

Black Bodyline Rocking Horse Shoes, Size 24.5
(here is the stock image)

(here are my images)

These have been worn once, and have some wear on the soles, as pictured above. I marked a little place where there is a smudge. I haven't tried cleaning it off, but I'm not sure it will come off. Basically I bought these and love them, but after wearing them to one event, I realized they pinch me way too much to keep, because I know I won't be able to wear them, since I can only stand about an hour in them before hurting. Apparently these have a common problem with pinching, so I would suggest not to buy them, if you already fit 24.5 snugly.
I just want them to go to someone who will be able to wear them and love them, and I hope to get some of the money back that I spent on them. Bought from the website, so I am the first owner. These ones are sold out on the website.
$40 shipped
I may consider offers, but I would like to not go lower, since I am covering shipping and tracking.

Here is a link to my previous sales. I still have some BL heartbuckles, socks, and a hair piece:
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