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DS!/DT! IW Halloween Lucky Pack

I got the IW jsk/op lucky pack type B, and I love it but it doesn't really fit me, (Way to go, IW) so I'm selling or trading.  I'll give 2 days to look at trades, and if I like nothing then I will sell . Priority goes to whole set unless all the pieces have buyers.

IW Lucky Pack

Front View

IW Lucky Pack back
Back view

Chelsea OP NWT: Recommend for 28-34" small bust, 24-30" waist
It has bows on the sleeves. Optional hanger.
$200  OBO alone shipped in US

Blouse NWOT: Recommend for 34" bust' and 28" waist.   I have a 35" bust and I could easily button it, but it was a bit tight.  It has pintucks across the front and down the arms.  The lace is a tulle lace with little dots on it.  The cuffs open and close with snaps. Optional hanger.
$100  OBO alone shipped in US 

Socks: never worn.  Taken out of plastic only for photo and will be shipped in plastic.  I don't like knee highs on me.  They are cream with little green bows across the ankle and up the back.  Innocent world is written on the bottom.
$20  OBO alone shipped in US

Handkerchief:  They call it a handkerchief, but it looks more like a wash cloth to me.  The back is all white with the pink border stitching.  Still in plastic
$15 OBO shipped in US alone

$300 OBO Shipped in US for the whole set. Optional hangers.

My Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/917016.html

Trades to fit: 35" bust, 28" waist
Tags: !ds, !dt, innocent world
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