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DS: CuteCanKill Pony Necklace // AP: Dreaming Macaron Yellow Headbow [Reduced Price!]

-I ship within a week of payment (but usually within 3 days)
-I have 3 items that I need to ship today, so if your payment is sent by 11:15PST, then I'll be able to ship your item with them today
-Willing to ship worldwide please provide your feedback though because I will be unable to track your item
-Insurance not included, but may be added if asked
-I have lots of positive feedback at eglfeedback  (+53) and in my journal (+21)
-I reserve the right to refuse sale
-Priority to whoever leaves they PayPal first
-No PayPal fee / Already Included
-Extraneous comments will be deleted
-Questions? Feel free to ask, thanks ! :]

^please read my above rules before commenting. Thank you!~

CuteCanKill Fairy Pony Necklace

This is such an adorable necklace. The only problem is, I've given up OTT sweet for the most part and now have nothing to match with it. Still, if I sell it- I'd like to make no loss on it whatsoever (my asking price is what I paid in USD, fees, and shipping to US) because I'd rather keep it if I had to make a loss (meaning no haggling on this particular item). 


Angelic Pretty: Dreaming Macaron Yellow Headbow

Excellent condition. This came as a set with a Dreaming Macaron JSK I recently bought on YJ auctions (to make up for the other one I sold because I was particular about it's condition). The JSK is one of the few bright sweet dresses I've decided to keep, but I have no interest in the headbow so here it is for sale! :) Hopefully someone else can make use of it.


Baroque: Pink Tulle Headbow

I received this as a gift from Baroque, but I have decided that large headbows aren't for me (another reason why I'm selling the DM headbow too). Maybe another lolita can make use of it instead. It's pretty light so shipping is cheaper.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, handmade
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