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WTB: Dream in Midsummer Jsk, St Mephisto Jsk, Moitie!

Hello! This is a bit of an awkward post. My friend (who frequents egl_comm_sales) has a birthday coming up and her lovely boyfriend has asked me to buy something for her for her birthday. She has a few things in mind she is looking for.

PS: If these are any of your images adn you want me to remove them please let me know!

My feedback is here

Dream in Midsummer JSK TYPE 1 ONLY in Black or Navy.

St Mephisto JSK in Black only.

MMM Holy Queen (Any colourway except white)

MMM Divine Cross (Any colourway except white)

Other Moitie Jsk's or high-waisted skirts are also a  possiblility as long as they have shirring to fit a 35" bust or a 25" waist and are in a dark colourway.

Cinderella Jewellery JSK Type II in black or navy.

If you think you have something else that I haven't mentioned that she may be interested in please PM me but please use your judgment here.. It's pretty clear within my WTB what kind of stuff she would be interested in.
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, moi-meme-moitie
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