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!DS: Milky Ange Lucille JSK+Blouse Set

!DS: Milky Ange Lucille Jumperskirt+Blouse Set (Bow not included) - more than $100 off!

Hello everyone!

This beautiful set is looking for a nice new home from one of the most under-appreciated brands, Milky Ange.  I got this two years back in June and it is still available on the website for a much higher price, and I love it but I think it's not fitting me as well as I'd like it to so I'm not wearing it.  I've only worn it neatly for two hours.  I've had it dry-cleaned since.  I might sell the jsk and blouse separately if there is an interest in both, but I'd prefer to sell them as a set.   :3

Retails in Japan for 35,700 Yen (tax included) ~ $442.82  USD. (Milky Ange Website)

Asking price is $250 USD not including shipping.  I will ship overseas but the total cost should reflect any extra shipping cost, same goes for all shipping options.  I will consider offers that are $200+ not including shipping.

While I could include the bow, the bow came from Milky Ange damaged, which is why I'm selling it for so much less although it's practically new. 

-  Shipping costs/handling fees are not refundable unless specific requirements are met.
-  Please leave feedback once the transaction is complete here:   EGL Feedback  (BTW, the only thing I've sold on LJ is a pair of BTSSB earmuffs and I haven't received feedback for it but I do send things out very promptly once payment has been received.  I can give you a kind of collateral if you have any doubts.)
-  Feel free to ask any questions.  I don't have a good camera so extra pictures might take a bit of extra time.
I will accept Paypal, money orders, and concealed checks for US buyers (at buyer's risk:  I will only ship once I receive payment and it goes through at the bank.)  For international buyers, I can accept Paypal and money orders.  I might consider a hold with partial payment.

Milky Ange JSK + Blouse set 

Stock Photo

Blouse Back
JSK Front
JSK Back
Personal Photos  (The I.D. card says "Bunnyx86" for my e-mail address.)

Size is M/L
Measurements according to the site goes as follows:

Bust 96cm

Waist 80cm
Shoulder length 37cm
Entire arrival height 100cm

Bust 93cm - (Back shirring)
Waist 72cm - (Back shirring)
Shoulder length 34cm
Sleeve length 19cm
Cuff 60cm (rubber finished maximum measurement)
Arrival height 52cm

The color according to the website was "Suger (Sugar?) Blue" but it is more like a wonderful shade bluish minty green.  The details are so pretty and it is very well constructed with lining.  I wish it could fit.  :(
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