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DS: Sweet, punk, gothic lolita

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I need some money to buy my dream dress, and I don't want to let it go, so I've reduced these prices a lot. I'll probably raise them again when the dress gets sold, though ^^

MA punk lolita JSK - Worn thrice, great condition.
I was very enthusiastic about getting this dress, but it turned out too big on me, so I have to let it go. Really perfect for punk lolita, it looks so badass worn! The waist sits a little lower than regular lolita dresses, but not really that much (it doesn't fall on the hips). Worn thrice by previos owner, none by me.

Seller's pic, because the shape of the dress shows a bit better on a mannequin. It looks a LOT better on a person, though ^.^

Proof of ownership
Torso detail

Length: about 34.3" (87cm) but it can go longer or shorter by adjusting the buckles.
Bust: 32" to 36" (82 to 92cm), but I'm pretty sure it can give a little more.
Waist: 29" to 33" (74 to 84cm)

Note that this JSK is quite adjustable due to the buckles, belt, partial back shirring and corseted back. If you're close to the measurements but still unsure, ask me and I'll measure it again.

Price: $70 shipped worldwide via registered airmail

BTSSB mint tartan tiered skirt + detachable bow - SOLD!

Black Peace Now cutsew - Worn, good condition - SOLD!

Metamorphose black headdress - Worn, great condition - SOLD!

Strawberry necklaces - New

Hand-made. Pearl necklaces with a strawberry made of metal and crystals. Both are almost 19" long (48cm), including the clasp.

Each of them goes for $12 shipped worldwide via registered airmail

1) White necklace

Full view
Clasp closeup

1) Black and white necklace

Full view
Clasp closeup

I'll be happy to combine shipping!
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, handmade, maxicimam, metamorphose
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