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DT: IW Replica Side Lace-up Rose Lace Skirt


When offering a trade, please provide proof of ownership, images of the item worn, items measurements(including length), and your feedback.


My feedback can be found here on egl feedback.

Handmade IW Replica skirt by diaphinisedbat

I bought this beautiful corduroy fabric back in April, and commissioned skirt from diaphinisedbat back in May. It's an extremely beautiful skirt, and extremely well made. You can read my review of the skirt here, and see all the detail shots. I am selling it, because it is sadly not fitting into my wardrobe very well. The skirt is made of corduroy, and is perfect for fall and winter. It is in perfect condition and barely worn.

Measurements (laid flat)
Shirring on the sides, with lace, but it only has about an inch give for larger sizes. It could go smaller.
waist: min: 31cm (12inch)
max: 32cm (13inch)
Length: 70cm (27.5inch)

IW skirt it was replicated from



I would love to trade it for any of the following skirts
to fit a 66cm(26inch) waist

                                                                       black or white version                                                    black only

                              black or wine red                                                            black or navy blue

                                                                                wine red or navy blue silver print only               navy blue or black silver print only
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