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For sale, and WTB!

[Wall of Text Inc.]
Shipping (with DC) within the U.S. and paypal fees are included in price.
Insurance will be extra, once the items leaves my hands, I am not responsible if you do not purchase insurance!
Paypal only.
Priority will be given to those who leave their paypal address first/US buyers. However those willing to pay full price or the best offer will have higher priority.
Everything is negotiable.
Sets will NOT be separated unless there are buyers for each item!
Please feel free to ask questions!
I ship TThFSat, I will let you know as soon as I ship!
I will do holds for a NONREFUNDABLE deposit. I will also do payment plans as long as you put down a nonrefundable deposit as well.
Please be aware that I do have a DOG, however she does not get in my closet, and I will try my best to lint roll as well as I can, however please be aware for your allergies sake.
Trades may be possible, please just provide a link to the items and your feedback!
If you have a questionable amount of bad feedback, I reserve the right to refuse business with you, thank you for understanding.


This is my proof.

Angelic Pretty 2010 Lucky Pack Socks (Knee socks)
Condition: 10/10 BNWT Never worn, only tried on.
Price: $20 Shipped.
Color: White with sax and pink stripes.
Notes: I bought this from another seller! She has not worn them, and neither have I (except to try them on). They are super cute, but I prefer OTK socks. (: The picture does not show their true colors as well. They are much more white, and the pastels are soft. Sorry for the bad lighting!
Extra Picture:
[Close Up]

Angelic Pretty knee socks. I don't know their name!
Price: $15 Shipped.
Condition: 7/10
Notes: These have never been worn by me. I think they have been worn by the owner before me, and they have a little bit of a dirty spot on each sock at the toe, which I have tried to get out, but cannot. It is not very noticeable when worn. I have taken pictures, but they did not show up well. Please be aware that the color is more accurate in the shown picture. The linked picture has been tampered with to try to show you the flaw. These have a lot of life left in them though, and deserve to be put to use in a cute coordination~

Extra Picture:

Angelic Pretty Headbow
Price: $20 Shipped.
Condition: 8/10
Notes: It has a few problem areas on the headband from the previous owner, but it is not noticeable when worn. I tried my best to get it out, but no luck... This headbow does not sit directly on top of the head, it sits a little bit to the side. It does not suit me sadly, but it is so cute! It has wires, and is adjustable~

Extra Pictures:
[Stain] [Tag]

Baby the Stars Shine Bright heart logo wrist cuffs.
Price: $30 Shipped.
Condition: 9/10
Notes: Used a few times. There is no elastic since they are adjusted by ties, but my wrists are still a bit too thin, so it is hard for me to wear these. They are slightly dirty on the inside, but not noticeable when worn. They are really gorgeous and are a versatile piece!

Extra Pictures:
[Proof] [Tag]

Baby LP Pink JSK + headbow.
Price: $60 Shipped.
Condition: 6.5/10
Has shirring to accommodate a variety of sizes.
Notes: This is a cute and simple Baby jsk from one of their earlier lucky packs (not the winter one that was recently released). There is a stain and discoloring (from when I tried to remove the stain :/)on the front, but it is not very noticeable. I have included pictures!

Extra Pictures:
[Headbow] [Front] [Stain] [Back Side] [Tags]

Anna House Dress + Headbow
Price: $45 Shipped.

Condition: 6.5/10
Measurements: As listed on Anna House's website.
Size: Small
Waist: 26-28in
Notes: This was my first lolita dress! I am hoping someone will take good care of it, and love it! It is a gorgeously detailed dress, and the quality is very wonderful! It just does not suit my style anymore. It is a heavy dress though, so you want a very poofy and stiff petti to go under it! The dress is not lined. There are a few flaws, which is why I am letting it go for much less than what I got it for! The zipper gets stuck very easily, and while I was trying to fix the zipper, I pulled too hard and made a small rip in the dress. The zipper may be need to be replaced, and I have no sewing skills... Please look at the pictures! However, it is easy to coordinate, and is a lovely wardrobe piece. the bustle back is elegant, and the lace is very nice and thick.
I took the detachable bows off the dress, but they will be included! The waist ties are not detachable.

Extra Pictures:
[Front] [Bodice Up Close] [Back] [Back 2] [Lace] [Lace 2] [Zipper/Flaw] [Detachable Bows and Headbow]

Anna House White Blouse
Price: $40 Shipped.
Condition: 8/10
Measurements: Anna House measurements listed + my suggestion.
Size: Small.
Bust: 32-34in, my bust is 33.5 inch, and there is a lot of gaping, so I probably suggest ladies with a bust of 32in or smaller get the blouse.
Waist: 26-28in
Arm Length: 24in
Length: 23in
Notes: This has been worn a few times, but it is in very wonderful condition! However, there is a snag on the inside of one of the sleeves, it does not affect the condition of the blouse at all. Just when you put it on, be wary, but you can easily maneuver to avoid the snag. The buttons feel a little flimsy, but they stay on just fine! The corset tie for the back, and the detachable bow are included, but not pictured! The detailing is great, and is a wonderful addition for a lolita needing basics!

Extra Pictures:
[Front] [Front 2] [Front Up Close] [Back]


Angelic Pretty School Emblem Cutsew

Price: $60 Shipped.
Condition: 8/10
Length: 19 inch
Bust: 34 inch MAX
Waist: 28 MAX
Notes: I love this cutsew. It is in wonderful condition. However, it is too small! I am way too tall for it, so I recommend it for a girl who is small, and under 5'3. There is a small stain near one of the stars, but it is really hard to see since I have removed most of it. I could not find it anymore when I looked for it, however please be aware that I may not have gotten it all off! This shirt has minimal piling and is in great condition! It's a really lovely piece, and has a removable bib. (:

Extra Pictures:
[Removable Bib Attached] [Logo] [Tag]


1. Your Starry Night Theatre Waist Tie Button! x1

Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Velveteen royal ribbon head bow.

Please let me know the condition it is in, the price you want shipped (to CA, 92782, USA), and leave a feedback link!

Thank you, have a good day!

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