Candy Threads (candythreads) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Candy Threads

!DS: Jewelry Inventory Cleaning! Nothing over $10

Rules and Info:
I ship from Philadelphia USA.
I can ship domestically and do international. Ask about pricing.
Paypal only please.
I can do small alterations on jewelry items.
When an item sells I'll put the pictures under a link at the bottom of the thread to clear the post up.


Macaroon Earrings - $6 each
Icing between two cute macaroon with rhinestones. Attached to a pearl and earring. The later half having stud earrings with a dot of icing.

Cupcake Necklaces - $10 SALE
The following cupcake necklaces are on a 18-20in pearl chain.

The following cupcake necklaces are on a 24in pearl chain.

20% Reduction Re-post Charms - $6 each

Sold Items

Sold to dango_mew
Necklace: image 1 - image 2

Sold to xxyumekaxx
Necklace: Image 1 - Image 2

Sold to snowfinite (pending)
Chocolate x Mint Heart Love Earrings - $8 Picture - Picture of them hanging
Necklace: Image 1 - Image 2, but with this chain

Sold to jsweets
Necklace: Image 1 - Image 2

Tags: !ds, handmade

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