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WTB: Bodyline tote bag andDS: Hello Kitty Vanity case/loli friendly purse and handmade head bows!

My feedback (100% positive)

I know it's a long shot but I would like this tote bag in the black colorway please:


And now my DS!

Terms and Conditions

- I use Paypal ONLY. No other forms of payment are accepted, sorry. The Paypal fee is already factored into the price of the items.

-Prices do not include shipping.

- I ship in the U.S.A. only from northern Florida using USPS priority mail in a flat rate box with delivery confirmation for my bows. Price of shipping will include delivery confirmation and packing material.   If you would like insurance or other extra services with your item, please let me know and I will be happy to add them to the total of your shipping. OR if you would like a cheaper way of shipping, please let me know if you would prefer that instead. A cheaper way of shipping will still include delivery confirmation which is $.80 extra. :D

- If you commission from me, I request that you either fully pay or partially pay for the item before I start construction.

- Please note, that I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  If you are concerned with such an event that may happen, again, you can request insurance or extra services which will be added to the shipping cost.

- NO refunds or exchanges, please.

- Once the item has been paid for, depending on the time of day for me, the item will be sent off that same day.  If it's too late, then the next day or a day more convenient for me depending on my work schedule. Also, immediately after a commissioned item has been completed, it will be shipped off immediately and I will promptly let you know with the confirmation number.

-By purchasing from me, you agree to my terms and conditions. :D

- These items come from a SMOKE FREE home but there ARE PETS (specifically cats).  The items will be removed of cat hair to the best of my abilities. =^.^=

WARNING Some photos are pretty darn big when you click on them.  I left them in their original size so you can see details of the bows and stitching better. :D

Hello Kitty vanity case/Loli friendly  small purse

Item description
: I bought this a few months ago from Sanrio's website I believe in their Japan exclusive section.  It's absolutely adorable and I thought I could get a lot of use out of it but in the end, it just sat on my desk doing nothing except looking pretty. I want to get the money back that I paid for it so I will be selling it for the price that I paid for seeing as I never used it and it still has it's tags on. This would make a great accent piece for photoshoots or maybe a small meet-up in Loli gear. This isn't meant to be a purse but could hold a few small items and/or of course, your make up. NOTE: Please take  a look at the pictures above for a slight damage on the front of the case. It looks like it was scratched from Sanrio but it's only noticeable when you put your face to it.

Price: $28

Alice blue head bow

(Without flash)
Item description: This bow was commissioned by one my clients but when she received it, it was too dark for her blue clothing so it was sent back to me immediately after it was received by her. As far as I can tell, it has never been worn. It is made with 100% cotton material and has interfacing included in all pieces and accented with fake pearls.  Also,
here is a reference to the color that this bow is closest to.

Price: $22

Red Miracle Candy inspired variant 2

Item description: Here is a bow I made inspired by Angelic Pretty's Miracle Candy collection. The entire bow is made out of 100% cotton material and both pieces have extra sturdy interfacing for extra body. This bow can be made available in pink as well.

Price: $19

Baby blue and white polka dot bow

Item Description: Here's a really cute cotton bow made by me. It's very simple and versatile but would finish off a coordinate beautifully.

: $19

I have an older sales post here if anyone is interested in other bows I have available. If you would like to commission a piece from me, I can definitely do it, even in another color if you choose, and have it done quickly. If you have a certain design in mind, I can work with it.

 I also have a page here of my past works I have sold or commissioned for. Please have a look

Thanks so much for looking!
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