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!WTB: AP Socks, Bags, Shoeclips

Hello Lolitas =)

* I'm starting to get a bit of feedback since I didn't join very long ago xD

* I pay via bank transfer, no Paypal. European sellers are preferred, but if you can ship from your US account to Germany then I don't mind.

* What I'm looking for
Socks: Knee-length or over-the-knee socks from AP in the following colours: mint, light blue, lavender and yellow. Yes I've grown fond of yellow lately.=) No pink or red please, no overly sweet prints.
The other type of socks I am always looking for are IW-style socks. Anything classic and/or with lace-up design is preferred. I always have money and place in my wardrobe for something like that so go ahead.:)

Bags: Heart-shaped bags, like the Lace Residence Heart Carry Bag in cream or brown. Again I'm not going to buy anything red or pink because I have nothing that suits to these colours.

Shoeclips Bow clips in black or brown

Wristcuffs: in white, mint, blue or lavender FOUND, THANKS ^_^


I won't be able to pay more than 50 Euro for one item, sorry I have to watch my bank account.^^

Here is the rest of my LJ wishlist, incase you're offering something else like accessories or undergarments:


Thank you :3

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, indie brand, innocent world, offbrand, secret shop

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