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DS : Closet cleaning Part 1


~*~ Terms of the sale ~*~

·         I accept Paypal only (CC or non-CC), unless you live in France.

·         Priority international shipping is included in the prices. If you would like your package insured and/or sent using a faster method, it will be more expensive.

·         I really want to clear my wardrobe of most of my Lolita items, hence the low prices. I might be willing to go lower, but not much. I’m not interested in trades at the moment.

·         First person to leave his/her Paypal address gets the item.

·         Once you’ve left your Paypal address, please don’t back out. All sales are final.

·         Feedback : http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/375427.html



Alice and the pirates Seraphim/Stained Glass skirt in cream


 Proof of ownership: http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u252/lorelei_mayrose/SP_A0347.jpg

Measurements: waist 68cm, maybe 70cm.

Condition: very good, worn a couple times. Needs some ironing.

Price: 100€



Lusty’n’wonderland (French brand) Rose d’encre skirt in Bordeaux


Detail of the roses: http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u252/lorelei_mayrose/SP_A0350.jpg

You can see better pictures of the dress version on the Lusty’n’Wonderland website: http://www.lustynwonderland.com/product.php?id_product=13

This skirt is, for now, the only one in existence. Grab it while you can at a bargain price.

Measurements: it’s too big for me, sits on my hips at 68cm. Better suited for a ~72cm waist.

Condition: perfect, never worn. Needs some ironing because of storage.

Price: 120€


Victorian maiden velvet crown skirt in Bordeaux                     *** SOLD ***


Juliette et Justine velveteen lace skirt in blackxwhite



Measurements: waist 68cm max.

Condition: very good, I got in last winter’s lucky pack and wore it once or twice. I might even be able to dig up the tag. Needs some ironing because of storage.

Price:  110€


Innocent world kaki floral skirt      *** SOLD ***


Jane Marple tapestry skirt (knee-length version) in blackxblack        *** SOLD ***


Jane Marple tapestry skirt (mid-calf version) in creamxred      *** SOLD ***



This skirt is pretty similar to the one pictured above, except it’s the long version. The velvet part is dark red.

Measurements: waist 68cm max.

Condition: perfect, never worn

Price:  70€


Vivienne Westwood corset top in black


This corset top is boned (plastic boning) and very flattering. There is a small stain on the right bottom part, nothing too noticeable: http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u252/lorelei_mayrose/SP_A0365.jpg


Measurements: says Italian size 42, which is UK size 12. Recommended for 68-70cm waist and 88-90cm bust.

Condition: worn once, unfortunately too big for me at the bust. Apart from the stain I mentioned, the condition is quite good.

Price:  70€


Lusty’n’Wonderland high-collared blouse in black


More pictures:




This lovely blouse features a beautiful lace collar, antique gold buttons and lacing in the back. The material of the blouse itself is embroidered with a floral motif, very unique.

Measurements: waist 68cm, bust 85cm, can be adjusted thanks to the lacing.

Condition: never worn, brand new.

Price:  50€


Coming up: I have many more items to sell, including

·         Juliette et Justine La vie d’aristocrate JSK size 1 in blackxsilver   *SOLD*

·         Juliette et Justine Bisque doll OP old size 1 in blackxsilver   *SOLD*

·         BTSSB Trick or treat underbust JSK in black       *SOLD*

·         Atelier Pierrot corset dress in white

·         Atelier Pierrot corset dress in blackxgrey

·         I do declare pinkxblack Unicorn JSK

·         Lots of off-brand items including a cream H&M coat, petticoats…


If you’re interested in any of these items and would like to see pictures and inquire about prices before I make the post, please PM me.


Thanks for looking!

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