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DS: AatP, AP, BABY, Juliette et Justine, Meta & Taobao

EGL feedback: 88 positive, no neutrals or negatives

General policies
  • I ship from Singapore, and am happy to ship worldwide.
  • I am not currently looking to trade.
  • Due to currency fluctuations, I have listed the prices in my home currency (SGD).
  • I do not charge Paypal fees. I would appreciate it if you could send payment via personal Paypal to save on those, though. :)
  • If there’s anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask! I do check my PMs regularly.
Getting buyer priority
  • Any item goes to the first person who can pay immediately and has left their Paypal address to be invoiced, unless it has already been reserved by a buyer who has paid a deposit.
  • If my asking price was not met, items for direct sale will go to the highest offer that was placed first.
  • Please contact me via PM or email if you are interested in a payment plan.
  • Buyers who can pay immediately or within 1-2 days take priority over buyers looking for a payment plan.
  • Higher offers, where applicable, take priority. Sales are of course final.
Measurements in italics were taken by me, everything else was taken from relevant web pages. I did my best to measure the items as accurately as possible, though there will definitely be a (hopefully small) margin of error with these.

Juliette et Justine
Rose et Belle Fille (2010)
ローズ エ ベル フィル

Size: J et J size 1
Length: 103cm (40.5"), including lace
Bust: 88cm (34.6”)
Waist: 68cm (26.8")
Sleeve length: 63cm (24.8")
Shoulder width: 40cm (15.7")

Price: 500 SGD
(~354 USD, 239 EUR)
This retailed for 43,050 yen

In great condition, no stains or flaws.

Proof ]

Measurements are from Juliette et Justine.

Alice and the Pirates
Masquerade Theater JSK (2010)
Masquerade Theater 柄ジャンパースカート

Length: 93cm (36.61")
Bust: 83~98cm (32.67"~38.58")
Waist: 60.5~73.5cm (23.81"~28.93")

Price: 500 SGD
(~354 USD, 239 EUR)

New without tags. No stains or flaws.
Measurements are from BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.
Metamorphose temps de fille
Apple JSK with collar (2007)

SOLD to insecurelobster  . Thank you!

Length: 92cm + lace (36.2")
Bust: 94cm (37")
Waist: 70cm (27.5")

Price: 180 SGD
(~ 127 USD, 86 EUR)

Has a belt and detachable collar.
The waist is elastic at the back.
There is a poofy built-in pannier (you can see how the skirt portion sits at the bottom).

bodice ][ without collar and belt ]
bodice 2 ] [ elastic waist

In great condition, no stains or flaws.

Measurements are from Hello Lace. 

Angelic Pretty
Dot Tulle Blouse

SOLD to nevita  . Thank you!

Length: 48cm (18.9")
Bust: 82cm (32.3")
Waist: 68cm (26.7")

Price: 85 SGD
(~ 60 USD, 40 EUR)

This blouse is black, but you can see the detail in regular lighting somehow.
I changed the lighting in an image editor while placing the watermark,
so the details would be more obvious in the photo.

Some dust marks from storage,
one grey mark as pictured in the middle of the blouse.
It is not obvious in natural light and is 0.5cm x 0.7cm.

I have not worn or washed this yet so it is probably removable by washing,
but the price has been adjusted to reflect this just in case. 

Dear Celine
Summer of June Puff Sleeves cutsew

Size: Dear Celine size M
Length: 48cm (18.9")
Bust: 88cm (34.6")
Waist: 64-73cm (25.2"-28.7")

Price: 50 SGD
(~35 USD, 24 EUR)

New without tags, no stains or flaws.

Measurements ran larger than the Qutieland ones.

Black Frill Blouse

SOLD to spinel_lady  . Thank you!

Length: 53cm
Bust: 70cm (27.6") flat, 101.5cm (40") stretched
Waist fully shirred

Price: 65 SGD
(~46 USD, 31 EUR)
New without tags, no stains or flaws.
I have not stretched out the waist's shirring, but did do a stretched
pit-to-pit measurement for the bust measurement.

Hell Bunny
Corset vest

Size: Hell Bunny XS
Length: 50cm (19.6")
Bust: N/A
Waist: 67cm (26.4")

Price: 45 SGD
(~32 USD, 21 EUR)

In great condition, no stains or flaws.
There's lacing on the back.

proof ]

Photo used with permission from the beautiful 

Juliette et Justine
Pink Frilly Cutsew

Size: J et J size 1
Length: 47cm
Bust: 89cm (35")
Waist: 68cm (26.8")

Price: 75 SGD
(~53 USD, 36 EUR)

In great condition, no stains or flaws.

Rose Melody
Cupcake Bunny Cutsew

Standard size
Length: 50cm (19.68")
Bust: 76-88cm (30"~34.6")
Waist: 58-70cm (22.8"~27.6")

Price: 45 SGD
(~32 USD, 21 EUR)

In great condition, no stains or flaws.

Measurements are from Qutieland. 

Liz Liza

Length: 42cm (16.5") +12cm (4.7") strap
Bust: 70cm (27.6")
Waist: 64cm (25.2")

Price: 30 SGD
(~21 USD, 14 EUR)

The chain with two furry balls and a silver charm is detachable.

In good condition, no stains or flaws but has been used fairly often.

Offbrand tee (from Korea)

Length: 62cm (24.4")
Bust: 83cm (32.7") max
Waist: 80cm (31.5") max

Price: 26 SGD shipped worldwide
(~18 USD, 12 EUR)

In great condition, no stains or flaws. 
Alice and the Pirates
Beauty and the Rose Promise High Socks (2010)
Beauty and the Rose Promise ハイソックス

RxW pair SOLD to dearquenne  . Thank you!
BxN pair SOLD to delightsugary  . Thank you!

Both pairs BNWT

Price: 40 SGD/pair shipped worldwide
(~28 USD, 19 EUR)

Blue x Noir ] [ Red x White

Bambi comb

New without tags, never used.

Price: 12 SGD shipped worldwide
(~8.50 USD, 5.75 EUR)
or 6 SGD with the purchase of any clothing item

2010 Planner

SOLD to a PM buyer. Thank you!

New in plastic, never used

Price: 12 SGD shipped worldwide
(~8.50 USD, 5.75 EUR)
or 6 SGD with the purchase of any clothing item


I've included the cost for the items that weigh less.

For all other items, I have listed the costs here together, with the relevant shipping information.

30 SGD: AatP Masquerade Theater JSK, Hell Bunny corset top, J et J Rose et Belle Fille
20 SGD: Meta Apple JSK, HMHM Black Frill Blouse
15 SGD: J et J Pink Cutsew
10 SGD: AP Dot Tulle Blouse, Dear Celine Puff Sleeves cutsew, Liz Lisa Camisole, Rose Melody Cupcake cutsew, Offbrand corset top
  • If shipping amounts to less than my quoted price, you will be refunded the balance via Paypal.
  • I ship via regular airmail (8-10 working days), but can send via surface or EMS upon request. For surface mail, I request that you post your feedback URL, and reserve the right to not ship via surface if you have very little or negative feedback.
  • Tracking is available upon request. Please add 2 SGD for a tracking number.
  • I am happy to offer discounts on combined shipping. These can be pretty significant.
  • I will not be held responsible for items that are lost or damaged by postage, but I always do my best to package items carefully and well.
Thanks for looking!
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