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DA: Auction Cancelled

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I recently won an auction on mbok for a sugary carnival skirt and a headbow set in sax. In the description it said that they have been worn once (Well it was in japanese so that what I assumed) but when I received the parcel the headbow was in a packet with its tag on however the skirt did not have its tag. This has lead me to believe that only the skirt had been worn and not the headbow, however the pictures the mbok seller provided of the headbow were without the packet so maybe it was taken out of the packet and photographed. I took the headbow out of the packet and have tried it on only. I have placed the headbow back in the packet and taken pictures.

Shipping and paypal fees are not included. These will be calculated after the auction has ended.
The auction will last for 48 hours, therefore it ends at 20:00 GMT on the 28/10/2010

My sheep as proof:-



Starting price: £26 (this is the retail price (3,360 yen))
Current price:£27 (
[info]yukimimi )

Auction Cancelled.
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