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Accounts Receivable

DS/DT: 20% Reductions! Baby, Algonquins, Putumayo, MAM, Angelic Pretty

**Feedback can be found here.
**PayPal ONLY
**US and Canada buyers only
**Price includes PP fee and shipping within the US, +$5 for Canada.
**Trades will be considered, but I am pretty picky! Show me what you've got :)
**All prices are negotiable, however...
**priority goes to the first person to leave paypal address and paying full price
**Please DO NOT PM me! I'd like to keep all my sales public :)
**Measurements are very amateur, but I try my best to be accurate!

Babyssb Secret Cake Factory JSK in pink - $150 $120 SOLD
New and never worn! It was a gift from my mom, but unfortunately doesn't suit my style at all. The tags were removed at the store, but otherwise the dress is completely brand new. Features super cute appliqués all over and full shirring to accommodate most sizes! Detachable waist ties.

Bust: 34-40in (estimated)
Waist: 26-32in (estimated)

Close-up of front.Back. Shirring. Appliqué 1, 2, 3, 4

Angelic Pretty Heavy Winter Coat in dark blue/red tartan - $250 $200 to US ONLY
This coat is HEAVY! Super warm during the winter, even in snow! It has a "worn" feel to it, as it is an older coat, but it is still in excellent condition! The faux fur collar is detachable. It used to have detachable fur cuffs, but they are long gone after making it through two moves. Because it is so heavy, I am only accepting buyers in the US to save on shipping. One of the inside buttons is a little loose (as pictured below), but it is an easy fix.

Bust: 33-35in
Waist: 26-29in

Close-up of front. Faux fur collar. Back. Loose button.

Algonquins OP in dark purple/pink - $50 $40
Bought this at the Harajuku Closet Child about a year ago, never wore it since. It features a detachable hood. Great for casual looks or layering!

Bust: 34-36in
Waist 28-30in

Close-up of frontRemovable hood.

Putumayo Crown Jacket in red - $50 $40
Bought this on the sales comm and wore it once. I washed it in cold water, but the red bled a tiny bit and tinted the white ruffles a very very light pink (pictured below). Has a worn feel to it, but it is still in great condition. Sleeves bell out a bit for a more "girly" look. Has too zippers so it can open up at the bottom, so it can easily be worn over a cupcake silhouette!

Bust: 34-36in
Waist: 28-31in

Close-up of front with hood. Back. Close-up of print. Slight pink tint.

MAM Bunny Jacket in pink/white - $50 $40
Bought this on the vk_sales comm a long time ago, only wore it once. The hood has long bunny ears that are SUPER CUTE! Very light weight and see through, so it is recommended for layering. Very loose fitting.

Bust: 34-38in
Waist: 28-32in

Front with hood.

ALSO looking to trade my Miracle Candy OP in Black:

proof pic

and I am looking for any of the following:

MOSTLY looking for the Wonder Party Halter JSK (will consider other colors). I'd also be interested in other trades! Not looking to sell, sorry <3
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