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DS/DT: Btssb Thumbelina Black OP & Demonia Mary Janes FREE GIFT!

- Location is Auckland, New Zealand
- Feedback here
- Paypal ONLY
- No pets, non smoking.
- Serious offers only
- Measurements taken lying flat then doubled - not very professional at this, sorry!

Shipping Information:
- I ship from New Zealand
- Please ask for a quote for international shipping!
- Let me know if you live within New Zealand or Australia, shipping is significantly less.
- I can ship immediately
- Not responsible for damages or if package is lost
- Please let me know if you have specific sending instructions
- Not responsible for customs fees.

My proof will be the pale tartan checked sheets :)
I'll be sending out a black rose compact mirror with every trade :)
Picture unavailable, but it's one of those anna sui-like compacts

Btssb Black Thumbelina Print OP

Bust: 90cm
Waist: 75cm
Length: 89cm

Unshirred, comes with removable sleeves and seperate slip/petti. (blouse in second picture is sold seperately in other sales post below)
It's quite an old print if I'm correct, but it's in very good condition - I can't find any flaws.
Second owner, but both she and I have only tried it on.

Demonia Goblin Mary-Janes with ankle strap

Size: 24cm
Bought off the comm sales, previous owner took very good care of them, they are a little worn, but still in great condition.
I've never worn them, I tried to - but they're too small.

I have more things for sale - btssb's gingham rose op, blouse, meta navy jsk, offbrand skirts and blouses.
here: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/12392957.html
Free gift with any of those items too!

Thanks! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.
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