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DS: Metamorphose Royal Frame JSK + barrette, Baby Alice Portrait headbow, h.Naoto choker

Terms & conditions:
- Sales go to first who comments with a Paypal-address and pays.
- I prefer cash, am willing to look at trades but do not accept holds.
- Payment by Paypal only. No e-cheques. PP fee is included in the final price.
- Please have patience with my response time due to time zones and work. I do always try to reply asap.
- My feedback:


Metamorphose Royal Frame JSK + barrette - 210 USD incl shipping and PP fees

Bought second hand from Closet Child, used five times by me.

B: max 90 cm
W: max 72 cm
L: app 75 cm
Shirring in the back with ribbons to adjust.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice Portrait headbow - 75 USD incl shipping and PP fees

Lovely caramel headbow made to match the Alice Portrait series but goes well with anything else as well.


h.Naoto choker - 50 USD incl shipping and PP fees

Cute choker, bought second hand and worn a few times by me over high collared blouses. Three buttons to adjust the length.
Max length: app 45 cm buttoned at the outer button


Thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto, metamorphose

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